Sure, we can!

Can’t we build a better tomorrow without destroying yesterday?

Can’t we want strong social and mental health programs without insulting our police?

Can’t we see that we are all one—the politicians, people, and our police?

Can’t we be patriotic and self-critical toward our country/people?

Can’t we be so-called feminists without hating men?

Can’t we be males, or whatever else, and honouring women?

Can’t we be to the left without hating the right?

Can we be to the right of the left, without making fun of the latter and without being diabolized by it?

Can we see the merit, and potential excesses, of BOTH the left and the right?

Can’t we be ecological whilst still loving our energy sector?

Can we love our energy sector whilst being green(er)?

Can’t we want justice for all without self-flagellation?

Can’t we enjoy our diversity whilst valuing our unity?

Can’t we remember to value intellectual diversity as much as we value (or pretend to value) other diversities?

Can we be for social justice without virtual signalling?

Can’t we aspire for social (and/or gender) justice without denying biology?

Can’t we be respectful and honour our Indigenous fellow citizens without repeating land acknowledgements?

Can we be Indigenous, demanding better laws and environments for our kids, without denigrating Canada?

Can we have faith in God whilst doubting that we may be wrong or being atheist whilst doubting that we may be missing something?

Can’t we be passionate about the climate and earth whilst wondering if our proposed solutions are not worse than the problem?

Can we be globalist whilst seeing the logic of sovereigntists?

Can’t we dislike globalism whilst keeping in mind that nothing is all black and white in life?

Can’t we (i.e., OK the Americans) support Mr. Biden without hating Mr. Donald Trump (even if the high narcissism of the latter does not help)?

Can’t we (i.e., OK the Americans) vote for Trump without making fun of Mr. Biden?

Can we be pro-choice whilst accepting that others may be pro-life?

Can we be pro-life without wanting to impose our views on those who are pro-choice?

Can’t we be against both abortions and death penalty whilst respecting pro- or any choices of others?

Can’t we be for justice and against discrimination to anyone without endorsing radical groups?

Can we respect Islam whilst also seeing the danger of radical Islamism?

Can’t we respect our enemies even when we do not agree with them… or when we are busy hating them?

Can’t we acknowledge that we may be wrong even when (mostly) right?

Can’t we accept that others are not betraying us just because they think differently?

Can’t we value the lives of people with a black skin whilst preferring to think that all lives matter, including the lives of the former?

Are we allowed to reject radical movements (BLM, etc.) without being accused of being racist?

Can’t we see that both ANTIFA and (truly) far-right groups are the side of a same coin called intolerance?

Can’t we be lefties without thinking that those to the right are morons or supremacists?

Can’t we like right-wing politics whilst acknowledging the value of left-wing perspectives?

Can’t we be pro-immigration whilst questioning mass immigration?

Can’t we be socialists without hating capitalism?

Can’t we be capitalists whilst remaining people-oriented and seeing the merit of some socialism?

Why should we always see the glass half-full OR half-empty respectively and strictly?

 Can we think that we are right without becoming dogmatic?

Can’t we denounce dogmatism in our opponents as much as in ourselves?

Can we love our beautiful Canada even if it is not perfect?

And now… can we work together to make both Canada and the world a better place?

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