A song from Bambi’s heart to the heart of Armenia!

” Ես սիրում եմ քեզ” Armenia!

In love and solidarity, a song for you Armenia!

Between Bambi and you, there is a love story since childhood… It is not for nothing that Bambi is called “Bambiné” by close family and friends.

Bambi shares the apprehension and pain of your people and friends, Dearest Armenia wherever they are (from the homeland to Lebanon, Canada, the USA, France, and around the world… ).

May this unjust situation end ASAP. Enough of wars and pains.

May your sovereignty prevail on all YOUR land with your beautiful mountains, cities, villages, monasteries, etc.

Bambi saw videos of your beauty (thanks to her parents). One day, she plans to visit you… Of course, it will have to wait until “after the rain“, as the beautiful songs below goes (composed by Mr. Charles Aznavour following your tragic earthquake in 1988).

May your close neighbours wake up and question their wrongdoing.

May the other powers of our planet stop interfering and threatening you.

Do you hear Bambi, Mr. “neo-Sultan”? Hands off Armenia!

To conclude this post on a note of hope, one day the conflict will end. One day, it will be solved. One day, all this will be history. Peace and love will prevail again. Until then, may your friends and wise countries of the world know how to support you.

Rest assured Armenia, Bambi will be praying for you. It is a promise and she will honour it (she is also indirectly saying this to her friends who will be reading this post. They are also all fed up of wars…).

2 thoughts on “A song from Bambi’s heart to the heart of Armenia!”

  1. Bambi, your family name should end with “ian” not only “Bambi ne”. We will say Bambine Bambian :).
    In deep pain with what is happening there now, when I started reading Bambi’s articles you can’t believe how proud and empowered I felt.
    AS you said this should end up soon. Enough is enough, we should live in peace and only peace.
    God protect and bless everyone.
    Thank you Bambi for your strong Love. Make sure to tell to your parents next time we will go all together to visit Armenia.

    1. “Bambine Bambian”!!! WOW!! An honour for me!
      I will share your kind words with my parents… count on me.
      Thank you Dearest Diana.

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