What is happening in Lebanon?

Yesterday, we read in the Canadian and Lebanese media that Lebanon’s President told reporters that his country is “going to hell” without a government (answer to a reporter).

The question that begs itself is the following: Where is Lebanon right now? Isn’t it in hell already?!

As one Lebanese citizen framed it (thanks Fadia for sharing the video) while talking from his partly destroyed living room: “We are already there, Mr. President. Hell is made of fire. We have been there. It is made of suffering. We have been there since Beirut blast and prior to it with the financial crisis“. He added that he is seeing people sleeping on their balconies because they cannot afford to repair a broken air conditioner. He said if the tire of someone’s car is damaged, he or she cannot afford to fix it.

Well, today, it seems that an explosion just took place in a village 50 km south of Beirut.

Can you imagine the fear triggered by the above?!

How many injured? How many victims? They say none. Hopefully!! If the information is accurate…

Assuming no one died, when will the next blast occur? And this time, how many casualties would it cause? Bambi is usually an optimistic person in life… but with Lebanon these days, it is hard to see the light of hope, she admits it. She is sure, it is there and a change is a MUST.

Yes, love will prevail again. Peace of mind too… and eventually prosperity.

Until then, can someone tell Bambi why is Hezbollah storing its weapons in a building in the middle of a village?!

When will movements like this one stop terrorizing civilians?

When will militias (in Lebanon, in the region, and around the world) stop playing with weapons and… with people’s lives?

To come back to the Lebanese politicians, how can they keep fighting among themselves for the pieces of the melting cake of power when their own country is diving into hell like that?! When will they wake up?! When the fire will reach them too? Or when Lebanon will vanish from the map?

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