Have you heard anything more absurd than a pledge called “Canadian Investor Statement on Diversity & Inclusion”?

Canadians are losing their mind, it seems to Bambi these days.

Why is she saying so? Well, they are literally obsessed with what they call “diversity & inclusion” and with “systemic racism“.

This obsession does not seem to be really about making sure that our society is welcoming to all. It seems to be increasingly more about imposing a rigid imported ideology on our brains and in our lives, controlling the boards of our companies, our choices of investment, the operations in schools we send our kids too, etc.

When will all this stop? This has become a dangerous game.

Bambi recently read articles in the media about how bad medicine in Canada is because of racism :). Other articles are about systemic racism on university campuses, in the judicial system, and literally even on the streets of “white Ottawa” . Who calls the capital of a country like that? Only the real racists would think of such a label.

If we are that BAD as a country, why is our federal government keen on supporting the distressed Lebanese people since the Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020:


Why would we be bringing traumatized potential immigrants to a horrible country filled with structural racism and not diverse enough to be welcoming to them? Shouldn’t we pause immigration to fix our DEEP societal issues?

The ultimate cult-like Diversity & Inclusion fashion Bambi has seen is a pledge called the “Canadian Investor Statement on Diversity & Inclusion“:


This statement starts with the following words: “We, the undersigned institutional investors, acknowledge the existence of systemic racism and its impacts on Black and Indigenous communities and People of Colour in Canada and globally. 

We furthermore acknowledge the existence of inequities and discrimination with respect to factors including, but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, culture and socio-economic status.”

How can we take this group seriously when they apply their diagnosis of systemic racism to both Canada and globally.

You want systemic racism, go to some Arab or Muslim countries of the Middle East or… go to China and see how it treats its Muslim minority.

You want discrimination against women, go to some countries of the Middle East.

You want killing of gays, go to Iran or to other Islamic countries, perhaps to Saudi Arabia?

You want religious stupidity similar to what you are imposing on us in Canada now (with this dangerous racial or identity politics), go to Lebanon. Trust Bambi, sectarianism is a VERY dangerous game. It has lead to a 15-year civil war in 1975.

Please give Bambi a break from ideology.

We are far from being perfect, for sure. There are racist people anywhere and everywhere (it is part of human nature). It is surely not to the extent of justifying our collective stupidity and the resulting proposed solutions.

Indeed, we need to be mindful. The solution may be much worse than the problem. As an analogy, we can think of some extreme/unrealistic solutions proposed by some in their “fight” against climate change.

Talking about climate change, funny how this new obsession with systemic racism seems to have replaced the obsession with the changing climate. In both concepts of climate change and systemic racism, there is an element of truth. In both, it is hard to measure. In both, we see ideologies more than science. In both, we have heard stories of people silenced for not having blindly endorsed or questioned the methods (e.g., BLM, etc.). What a shame because both problems of racism and climate deserve our utmost serious attention!

According to ideologists, Bambi would be a person of so-called colour (BIPOC to use a fashionable acronym). However, in Bambi’s mind she is just a deer. Not any deer. A Canadian deer who thinks that it is time to question this collective insanity and remember to focus on what unites us, as a country, instead of what divides us.

Indeed, we are all Canadians, ideally united through a shared love for our country. Canada should come first and remain ABOVE any specific community we may belong to. PLEASE LET’S NOT LEBANONIZE OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.

Bambi sometimes wonders if the best thing about a serious issue, like our concern to be the most welcoming possible, is simply to leave things as they are without forcing any unneeded (and absurd) change.

Just let us live… and please relax and live yourself too. Life is not just beautiful but also short.

Bambi may be wrong but, in her non-expert citizen opinion, if we push the concept (now it is an ideology or almost an orthodoxy) of “Diversity & Inclusion” too much, we risk excluding those who do not think like us, even those from so-called diverse groups mentioned above. Is this what we really want for our society? To impose diversity in a very reduced manner (e.g., skin colour) AND at all costs, even to the point of sacrificing the diversity of opinions and voices in a society?

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