Mr. Macron, can France temporarily re-colonize Lebanon, that has failed its citizens and… the international community!?

Mr. Macron gave the Lebanese brainless and corrupt political leaders two weeks to form a government. They failed to do so.

They stole public funds. They resorted to a historical banking fraud.

They allowed terror to hijack their beautiful country from within in the name of imported ideologies serving the interests of foreign powers.

They forgot that they are supposed to represent and serve the Lebanese citizens.

Of course, like the rest of the world, their country had the coronavirus to cope with.

Since September 1st, 2020, they are now fighting for the remaining melting pieces of the cake of power… For instance, the Hezbollah and their allied Amal movement insist on keeping the Ministry of Finances. They called it “theirs” since 2014. Can you imagine the arrogance of their demands?

Other political leaders are probably demanding other governmental Ministries.

Welcome to Lebanon, where forming a government takes months of bargaining. Such a long process may be the case of other respectable countries like Belgium, if Bambi is not mistaken. However, the difference is that in this and other European countries people respect the rule of law. Yes, they also must have corruption here and there, like us in Canada, but surely not to epidemic levels like tiny bankrupt Lebanon.

This being said, Lebanon is the country of miracles where anything is possible. A new government may see the light tomorrow, next month or in December 2020 when Mr. Macron will return to Lebanon for the third time since the surrealistic explosion of August 4th, 2020. This may hopefully bring stability and/or the trust of investors again. However, what is the point of changing the faces of politicians, if it is without any SIGNIFICANT change?

The Lebanese people have been demanding a change of their failed political system since October 17, 2020 (financial crisis).

They have asked for new elections sine then.

They want an international investigation to the Beirut explosion. Yesterday, the Beirut Bar Association demanded the latter again. So did Amnesty International, twice not just once!

Lebanese people had wished to see a fair outcome to the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon for the killing of Mr. Hariri and many innocent citizens. This tribunal took years and was partly financed by Lebanon (i.e., tax payers’ money). What did it achieve? It just showed that the UN is incapable of delivering justice. What a shame… as we are talking about a UN in which Lebanon is a proud founding member.

To come back to you Mr. Macron, of course you are also thinking of France’s best interests in Lebanon and the region (Bambi hopes you are, as this means you are a decent President of your country…). Regardless, you have proved that you care deeply and genuinely about the Lebanese people. You shared their grief. You showed compassion to their suffering, you listened to their anger, you gave them your respect, time, and attention. This in addition to all the aid on the ground and the generous donations directly to the people, as Canada cleverly did.

They say in the media that France and the USA have different approaches to solving problems as complex as Lebanon’s saga. In their respective ways, at least, both are trying to do something good for that doomed Middle East.

For a change, it would be nice to see all the people of this part of the world living in peace. Peace of mind, to begin with. Peace, trust, and hopefully love one day… yes love among citizens of a same country and among nations. Is this too much to ask for in 2020?

Until then, Mr. Macron may think that Bambi is out of her mind as she is asking him for the favour of re-colonizing her birth country. How can she say so in a world where the Western civilization is accusing itself of being a monster (deserving to vanish) for having had a colonial past. Funny how we think so whilst totally ignoring those civilizations that are currently colonizing brains and entire countries. We do not hold them to the same standards.

Mind you, Bambi is highly patriotic in life. Yes, she loves Canada whilst having a deep tenderness for her birth country Lebanon. It breaks her heart to see the latter struggling for its democracy and survival. In other terms, Bambi honours where she has chosen to take root whilst always remembering where she originally comes from.

Despite her dignified feelings (or because of them actually), she is kindly asking if you can consider her request… just in case Lebanon “succeeds” in (fully?) earning the title of a “failed state” .

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