Isn’t it shocking when Lebanese citizens are being beaten by their authorities?!

Peaceful men, women (along with their pets) are demonstrating near the Presidential palace.

They are asking for justice for the victims of the Beirut port explosions, as it has been 40 days since that surrealistic tragedy.

Yes, over one month…Yet, no international investigation.

Instead, more fire at the port… and scary news about stored explosive material, here and there.  

What was the response of the Lebanese authorities today?

Bullets fired by the Lebanese army, along with beating by thug members of a Lebanese political party. It is the party established by the Lebanese president (called “Tayyar” movement). As a reminder, it is allied with the Hezbollah, which rules the country behind the scenes. It is too attached to power, like the rest of the sectarian groups. However, it has a military advantage over the others: It sleeps with a powerful militia-backed by Iran.

When will impunity stop in this country?

Where is the international media now?

Where is justice for the Lebanese population?

Can someone tell Bambi, please?

One sign reads: “We are the shield of the Hezbollah“. Another sign reads: “Mr. Berri and Mr. Aoun resign now” (a picture taken from An Nahar).

This picture (taken from An Nahar) says it all: All these portraits are the Lebanese sectarian leaders responsible from the fiasco since civil war… (Mr. Nasrallah is among them, mind you. So, is Mr. Aoun… because “all of them means ALL of them“). Check the mask of the lady in black (grief sign): Silence. The latter goes both ways: They are silent about their criminal negligence… and she is being silenced.

This lady and her cute pet both want Mr. Aoun to resign. Why? Because he also knew about the ammonium nitrate that exploded at the Beirut port, destroying a large part of the city. Just two weeks before the explosion, the President again received a warning notice about the dangerous material. What did he do? NOTHING. Note: He is a former Army General… what a shame.

A courageous Lebanese citizen…

Another courageous citizen… with an aggressive man. Look at how is holding her and what a “sweet” expression of love to his fellow citizen… Shame on him too.

Bambi will end this post with three short news documentary videos, one from the MTV (which, as reminder, was prevented from covering parliamentary consultations to elect the recent PM). Look at the beating (with sticks on cars of demonstrators. From the colour of the hats, you can guess the party). If you understand Arabic, you can hear the journalist talking about the bullets from the Army.

Why are we putting the country’s army in such a difficult situation :(? These young men and women may have also lost loved ones in the explosion or their own apartments. Here they are forced to fire on their own people. How sad.

Bambi does not care about the leader in question, the party in question, the supporters… She has never ever been a supporter of any party in her life. Her love is JUST for the country… As the clever slogan of the Revolt goes, “All of them means all of them” [“Kiloun Yiwne Kiloun“]. Today, it is about President Aoun, as he happens to be one of them. When will people stop following leaders and put their country first instead? WHEN?!

One thought on “Isn’t it shocking when Lebanese citizens are being beaten by their authorities?!”

  1. Incredible babarians
    Army with sticks beating peaceful young men and women.
    Shocking! Shocking! Shocking!
    This is no more Lebanon country of freedom
    It’s worst than Bieloruss
    Is this tien an men or hazmieh?

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