18 years already… Times flies yet Bambi is still in love

Bambi and her spouse usually celebrate many dates, from the first encounter through several other relationship milestones (skipping you the details ?).

Well, today is their “first date” anniversary # 18. This took place in Montreal after their unexpected encounter in Toronto a few months earlier (thanks to a lost hair clip… but that’s another story, her favourite one in life).

Funny memories of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and of being literally thrown out of a restaurant at 4 AM because this business needed to close (they told them no need to pay, the cashier closed. Can you imagine? If you want free food whilst in Montreal, try Le Marché around that time… ?). Well this did not prevent them from continuing their conversation on the side walk of McGill Street downtown.

To conclude this post, here is a little surprise from Bambi to her spouse. She will share it with all of you too (“Opa” to everyone, Katia you are on Bambi’s mind and you know why ?!).

By the way, she can assure you that this is not them dancing the Zorba, even if she adores Greece and its culture!

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