Isn’t it funny when France media make fun of our own Dr. Tam’s statements on sex and mask?

Here is the article and see the picture too:

With all due respect to Dr. Tam (likely the most competent in her Ministry), why is she infiltrating our bedrooms ??

The irony is the contrast between her statement now and her/our federal government’s attitude at the start of the pandemic when they should have exerted more control on our borders to prevent the entry of the coronavirus. Instead, she/they chose to lecture us on stigma and racism then.

Today, the political strategy is to sound more controlling. Sex is just a mean to do so.

Even if Dr. Tam is stating the obvious about masks, why is she getting into that much details? And as France 24 wrote, how many will be listening?

Now, Dr. Tam is right, the safest sex partner in pandemics remains oneself.

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