A cartoon says it all…

In this clever cartoon by Mr. Yannick Lemay, you can see our strange times:

  1. The decapitated head of Sir MacDonald, the first PM of Canada (vandalism with an ISIS style).
  2. The Montreal police officer with his covid-19 mask put on his eyes instead of his nose and mouth (no, he did not see anything). He is even sleeping and snoring.
  3. Have you ever tried to bring down a heavy historical monument in your life? Even if she has not tried it, Bambi can imagine that you cannot destroy it without equipment and preparation. This police officer (and perhaps with him Montreal’s Mayor) must have been taking a long nap :). Mayor Plante wants us to believe that she woke up after the vandalism and she condemned it, which is good. Maybe? But now what?
  4. Last but not least, radical extremists in Montreal destroyed our country’s history in front of our eyes… ISIS and Taliban style. Today, these extremists are leftists (it may partly explain the silence of most of the political elite or the sympathy of the media; fear may be another factor. Some dared to speak today, like Mr. Trudeau. Bravo to him, it is never too late to stand up for common sense. However, perhaps his good words were not that clearly strong, even if they made more sense than his vague words during the WE investigation). Regardless, Mr. Trudeau is absolutely right on this one: We have to keep a critical eye on all the PM’s work, including his own dad, as he said. Bambi will allow herself to add that this also includes himself as well :). Indeed, one day, we will have his statue or portrait. He can be assured that Bambi will be defending history with the same convictions, as she is now, if his statue or portrait would be attacked. It is about Canada. It is about principles. It is about our heritage (and pride). It is about our self-respect, as a civilization. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why should we follow trends in the USA (aren’t we truly sovereign?)? Why follow the world’s latest ideologies, without critical sense or choice? Why can’t we be have our own spine, as a country? Is this too much to ask for?
  5. Today, it is about Sir MacDonald’ statue. Tomorrow, it will be about another historical figure. Today, it is by this radical group. Tomorrow, by another (perhaps to the right, perhaps not). Bambi would not be surprised if those thugs would dare to go after Mr. René Lévesque’s symbols, one day. Of course, Québeckers will not take it… If they would, our times would be much stranger.
  6. Funny how people have a selective memory when it comes to Mr. MacDonald. He was not the kindest to French Canadians (in addition to, of course, our Dear First Nations). Yet, we owe respect to our history, and this includes ALL our Prime Ministers, from Sir MacDonald all the way to Mr. Justin Trudeau. Without the former, the latter would not exist. Plus, you and Bambi would have not been able to call Canada home.
  7. From Bambi’s non-expert citizen experience in unstable countries and/or times, violence usually starts against monuments, electoral signs, properties… and if there is no push back, it may increase to the point of targeting real people on day. Why aren’t we pushing back now, before it would be too late?
  8. It is Bambi’s hope that this cartoon’s sleeping police officer will wake up before it is too late and his job becomes more difficult… At the end of the day, despite all the calls to de-fund the police (some literally say abolish it), it is 911 that we will likely all dial when our safety is at risk.

To conclude this post, here is an earlier comment by Bambi to the incident in Montreal:

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