Bambi’s reply to Mr. Nasrallah’s speech of August 30, 2020

Well, one of Bambi’s little pleasures in life is to reply to Mr. Nasrallah ?.

For those who do not know this man, he is the Chief/Leader (or Secretary General) of the Hezbollah (

Further below, you will see a screenshot of the original text, that appeared in the Naharnet.

Bambi’s comments are in bold.


Nasrallah to Israel: Your soldiers will eventually appear on the roads.

What does that mean, Mr. Nasrallah? Are they hiding? Bambi read that sometimes they use dummies to trick you. Can you just stop both of you!! This is not a game. You may feel stuck and their PM may be in election mode. WE DO NOT WANT WAR. People want to live in security and in peace. Is this too much to ask for?!

Nasrallah: We are not in a hurry to respond to Israel.

We do not care about neither you nor Israel. Just stop playing with fire! Your country does not need more tragedies!!

Nasrallah: We did not respond to the Israeli shelling days ago because that was what the Israelis wanted.

No comment. Who cares?

Nasrallah: The Israelis know that we are not seeking an achievement in the media.

No comment. Who cares? Why are you saying so and to whom?

Nasrallah: Let the Israelis understand that whenever they kill one of our mujahideen, we will kill one of their soldiers.

When will you stop playing risk like that? When will you behave like a normal Lebanese fellow citizen? When will write or read a book? When will you just pray or, at least, take a vacation from war? When will you let the Middle East live in peace?

Nasrallah: Everything that has happened since our brother’s martyrdom is part of the punishment.

No comment.

Nasrallah: Whenever Israel suspects any movement, it starts bombing the vicinity of its positions, and this reflects panic.

We do not care about neither your interpretation of Israel’s tactic nor their own strategy. We want you both to stop!

Nasrallah: Israel, on its own, mobilized its forces and upped its measures on the Lebanese and Syrian borders… It is now sending remote control vehicles carrying dummies to give us targets to hit.

No clue if this the truth or not. Bambi reads all international media, including those from your own organization as well as Israeli and Iranian media (some of the latter are too funny to read). Your version is different. In all honesty, she does not care about neither you nor Israel nor Iran. She is sick and tired of all of you!

Nasrallah on Israel’s killing of Hizbullah member in Syria: We’re committed to an equation and our objective is not revenge but punishment and to establish a balance of deterrence.

Give your fellow Lebanese people a break, Mr. Nasrallah. A break from wars, revenges (whether your call them punishment or not), sorrow… ENOUGH for God’s sake. Yes, God… since you call your organization “the party of God”, as if God needed a militia.

Nasrallah described the Hizbullah-AMAL clash in the southern town of Loubieh as regrettable and isolated.

Stop using young people. Enough stupidity and sadness.  

Nasrallah: We stress the depth of the relation between Hizbullah and the AMAL Movement.

Thugs from different groups do cooperate sometimes.

Nasrallah: We must be cautious because there is an attempt to reproduce Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

Mr. Nasrallah, stop lying to people. Stop it, please. Anyhow, Bambi does not care about neither you nor Daesh. Actually, she cannot stand neither you nor Daesh. Two sides of the same coin of Islamism (not Islam not Muslims… the latter being the first victims of this radicalism).

Now, this being said, she will pause here thinking of all the young Lebanese people from your own organization whom you took to war behind the back of your own government. MANY died sadly. May they rest in peace…    

Nasrallah: Claims that Hizbullah is linked to the ammonium nitrate are lies.

Once again, your statement of matters as being the truth does not make them necessarily THE truth. Lebanese people want an international investigation!

Nasrallah: We call on the Lebanese Army to declare the results of the probe.

Who are you to call on the Lebanese Army to declare anything? Shouldn’t this come from the Lebanese authorities… or the masks are truly uncovered and the emperor naked then? How ugly he is… OUF.

Nasrallah: I call on authorities to declare whether there were any missiles or weapons at the port.

 No comment… except that everyone knows who controls the port and who smuggles what at borders, etc.

Nasrallah: I call on authorities to declare the results of the technical probe.

No comment.

Nasrallah: We stress that the judiciary should firmly follow up on the port blast. The blood of martyrs should not go in vain.

DO NOT CALL THE VICTIMS MARTYRS, Mr. Nasrallah. They did not choose to die. They are the victims of the Lebanese authorities’ criminal negligence (you are responsible for their misery as well if not even more so, Mr. Nasrallah).

The Lebanese people want an international investigation. Your “chum”, Lebanon’s president (= you then) does not want one. How can the Lebanese people trust the investigation you are referring to? Look what happened to them with the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon… This is not promising for the current investigation.   

Nasrallah: Compensations should be paid to the people so that they can return to their homes.

Which homes, Mr. Nasrallah? What about those in their homes who have it destroyed and who keep discovering more broken items each day, like Bambi’s parents?

Why would people believe the authorities on this issue, if they lie to them on so many other issues, including their stolen savings and ammonium nitrate?

Nasrallah: Had the presidents of Iran or Syria called for a new political contract in Lebanon, would [would] have happened? There is a problem in the Lebanese political culture.

To use your logic, the Presidents of Iran and Syria do not have to call for anything. They have a puppet that executes their wills. They can use their saliva for other matters.  

Luckily Lebanon has friends in the international community, including France and Canada, etc.

You know very well how small your country is. When you are a small vulnerable entity, your interests are better served by being plus or minus at equal distance with all. This is easy to achieve when we put Lebanon FIRST.

Nasrallah: Years ago, I mentioned a constituent assembly to improve the Taef Accord and we remember the reactions that occurred.

Bambi does not recall this part of history. She has left the country in 1990. She just reads and understands that Taef Accord was never implemented as it should. So who knows? Perhaps you have a point here. Lebanon does not respect neither its constitution nor the Taef Accord nor its own people!

Nasrallah: The French president called for a new political contract in Lebanon during his recent visit… We are open to any calm discussions in this regard, but we have a condition, that the discussions should enjoy the consensus of all components.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Your last sentence says it all…

Nasrallah: Who says that the Lebanese people want a neutral, technocrat or political government?

What does this sentence mean, Mr. Nasrallah? To whom are you addressing it specifically, to Mr. Macron re-visiting Lebanon tomorrow or to the majority of the Lebanese people who cannot stand your hegemony on their lives anymore? Are you saying this to all those who lost loved ones or those who are still sleeping in destroyed homes without glasses? Are you saying it to ALL of those who are sick and tired of wars and unrest? Why are you making fun of people’s demands, young and seniors, secular and spiritual, etc.?

Nasrallah: We can claim that we are the biggest political party in Lebanon with the biggest number of supporters, but we do not claim that we represent the entire Lebanese people.

Ha!Ha!Ha! You barely represent yourself, along with a few illuminated supporters or those who benefit from you in one way or the other.

Nasrallah: Are protests and street presence the criterion for reflecting popular demands? Shall we organize a referendum?

Oh, now you are an expert of democracy, Mr. Nasrallah? You forgot your real mission: Terrorizing people? Shame on you ?.

Nasrallah: International calls for meeting the demands of the Lebanese people are excellent.

Are you being hypocritical here, Mr. Nasrallah? Or just stating the obvious. Are we talking like the President of Lebanon now? Why are you saying all this and who is your audience?

Nasrallah: We will cooperate to pull the country out of any governmental vacuum.

Vacuum or not, government or caretaker government, you are behind the scenes.

Sorry to be impolite: Same old “shit” still.

Nasrallah: We hope parliamentary blocs will be able to name a premier-designate tomorrow.

What difference does it/will it make, Mr. Nasrallah?

Nasrallah: Claims that Hizbullah is impeding reforms are lies.

 Ha!Ha!Ha! Just by you saying it proves that it is true.

Nasrallah: We are pinning hope on the coming hours. We need a government that can achieve reforms.

Lebanon needs a government free of all its corrupt people from the era of war. “All of them means all of them” is the clever slogan of the people’s revolt (remember, you and your puppets, like the President et al., are also part of them).

Now to be more realistic, Lebanon cannot get rid of anyone right now. It has to wait for elections. These need to happen as soon as realistically possible.

Nasrallah on Netanyahu’s stance rejecting the sale of F-35s to the UAE: Israel does not trust the UAE or any other nation in the region.

No clue what you are talking about. None of Bambi’s business.

Nasrallah on UAE-Israeli deal: Any such agreement is treason.

In Québec, they say to a young kid too curious about others: “Répète après moi: De quoi je me mêle?” Bambi will say the same to you, Mr. Nasrallah. Repeat after her: “This is none of my business. This is none of my business… etc.?.

Nasrallah: We condemn all attempts to acknowledge Israel and all forms of normalization with this enemy. We renew our condemnation of the stance of the officials in the UAE.

What is between two other sovereign countries is neither your business nor Iran’s business. It is their choice (if they really have the choice with Iran next door). The latter’s expertise being war by proxy.

Nasrallah: The same as we triumphed over the past years, the same as those in Yemen, Syria and Iran have triumphed, we believe that there will be coming victories in the future.

Are you telling us that there will be wars? Are you threatening here?

Nasrallah: The U.S. is interfering in Iraq and imposing a siege on Iran.

Is Iran interfering in Iraq, Mr. Nasrallah? Are your organization members there too? Bambi has read about an Iraqi’s Hezbollah, of course also funded by the poor Iranian people’s taxes.

It is sad that, no matter the strategy of the USA, the Iranian people seem to pay the price, not their horrible regime. Once the latter pays a price (or negotiates with the USA), Lebanon will be free of your grasp on it.

Nasrallah: The U.S. is imposing an unjust siege on Syria and occupying Syrian territory. The U.S. backs tyrant regimes in our region, such as in Bahrain.

Ha!Ha!Ha! Bambi does not follow all the details of the Syrian war… but you seem to have forgotten that you back Iran and Syria’s Bachar el Assad.

Nasrallah: There is a U.S. aggression against our region, manifested in the U.S. policies towards occupied Palestine and the war in Yemen.

The USA have bigger concerns than your Middle East.

Nasrallah: The U.S. administration wants to practice hegemony and impose governments on peoples.

It is not because you are saying it as a truth that it is the truth (or the whole truth).

Nasrallah: We in Hizbullah, in the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, stress our firm commitment to rejecting this usurping entity (Israel), even if the entire world acknowledges its existence. We will continue to stand by anyone who fights it.

Mr. Nasrallah, regardless of the topic (here it is about Israel), you do not speak for all Muslims in Lebanon and surely for not ALL Lebanese (18 different religions and many who are atheists). Just keep this in mind. What do you mean by “we will continue to stand by anyone who fights it?” Are you reassuring your fellow Lebanese citizens that you will keep betraying their aspirations and country’s interests by putting Iran first?

Is your message meant for the Lebanese or for the international community, especially at the eve of Mr. Macron’s re-visit to Beirut?

Are you playing bad cop/good cop with Mr. Aoun (Lebanon’s President). He is showing his good cop side (secular country needed, he is saying) and you, as usual, the bad one. You are using terms like “Islamic resistance”. Not just Muslim, Islamic. Not just Lebanese, not civil, not human… Islamic. How would you and the President of Lebanon reconcile these two visions of your country?


By the way, when will you stop taking your country hostage of your narrow-minded yet megalomanic vision (or rather Iran’s vision and you are the tool)?

Nasrallah: I will tackle the regional situation, the Lebanese situation and the situation on the border.

OK, all ears (or rather eyes).

Nasrallah: This year, the Ashura day is sadder, because the squares are empty due to coronavirus.

With all due respect to all religious celebrations in life, Ashura is not Bambi’s favourite one. Actually, and in all honesty, she dislikes this medically dangerous celebration. Thanks to covid-19 (or your excuse of using the pandemic), there would be fewer cases of infections due to Ashura’s self-imposed injuries in Lebanon this year.

Taken from Naharnet

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