Why are Canadians obsessed with “equality of outcomes”?

OK, the Conservative party has a new leader, it seems, after a LONG messy voting night. His name is Mr. O’Toole. Congratulations to him:

Mr. Yannick Lemay (published in the Journal de Québec on August 24, 2020)

Bambi was curious to see the reaction of Mr. Maxime Bernier (PPC) who ran against Mr. O’Toole and Mr. Scheer in the past. Mr. Scheer “cheated” in the past by drinking too much milk from Québec. As for Mr. O’Toole, he arrived third. Well, without being an expert voter of the Conservative party, Bambi wondered if the two men may consider an alliance ?. Well, obviously, this is not happening. Here the reaction of Mr. Maxime Bernier:


Bambi got more curious about this Mr. O’Toole, after reading the above and listening to Bernier’s press conference too.

She went to read earlier articles about him and the three other defeated candidates. Here is one by CTV News:


What was striking to her was how much the four candidates seemed to want to be perceived as being on the same page. They kept saying how much they agree with each other ?. Bambi’s reading of all this is that they, along with the Liberals (at least under Mr. Trudeau) all have the same common denominator: Political correctness, this insanity of our times. Another fancy term for lack of courage simply. In the end, perhaps “Mad Max” is not that off, after all. Perhaps his apparent craziness is simply courage that we no longer see in neither our public servants nor around us.

Anyhow, from the article above, we learn that at least two, if not three of the candidates, including the winner and Dr. Lewis (and Mr. MacKay) use the term “equality of outcomes”. For example, Dr. Lewis said verbatim: “Conservatives are uniquely placed to be the party that champions equality of outcomes for all Canadians” (in a question on another widespread obsession, at least in the mainstream media, called “systemic racism”).

It is odd how so-called Conservative politicians and lawyers, specifically, use the term “outcomes” instead of “opportunities”. No one can, or should, control (or aim/pretend to aim) to control societal or familial or educational outcomes. We provide equal opportunities to our kids, students, society members. This is what we should aspire for fairness. However, out of fairness as well, we should leave individuals in families, societies, institutions free to live their own journey, learning curve, and make their own choices. Some will succeed (hopefully all, with hard work). Others may fail and re-try. It is called learning in life. It is a healthy competition.

Sadly, we are observing a scary trend in our actual society where radical views are pushing us all toward more authoritarianism. Because this trend is a socialist trendy wave, no one questions it (we only obsess with the USA’s Mr. Trump). Those who do question excesses are dismissed or… “cancelled”, meaning censored. This is odd, in Bambi’s mind, because Canada is already a socialist country (under Mr. Trudeau, it is so in both an excessive and corrupt way). Why push for more authoritarianism than a flexible (thus, smart) socialism. A successful example may be New Zealand and its clever socialism. It could also be an example of smart capitalism, tailored to a country’s needs. Of course, too much abuses or interventions in either a capitalist or a socialist direction can backfire on a society. Bambi may be biased but between too much socialism (without critical sense) or some capitalism (i.e., free market, not wild, not corrupt, with genuine green concerns, neither virtue signalling nor suicide), she prefers a healthy capitalism. In her mind, the latter is based on merit. The latter is supposed to be free and thus fair for anyone/all.  

In Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, an economy moving forward is what is badly needed in recovering from a traumatizing pandemic, not a so-called “green economy” as Trudeau/Freeland et al. keep telling us. We just need our economy… and with it our country back.

Not in the sense that some scholars or rather activists mean it. It is a whole functional country that is needed, not one part against the other, not one group or tribe over the other (despite historic abuses), not one community against the other… Unlike the Middle East or the USA nowadays, please let’s unite and strengthen our beloved Canada.

Who cares who will be the next Prime Minister!? Let’s keep loving or let’s learn to re-love Canada, with or without Mr. Trudeau or Mr. O’Toole or whomever. This is what matters the most, more than heads of governments that will eventually come and go, even when we feel that they have lasted for too long.

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