Mr. Morneau and Mr. Trudeau are the two sides of the same WE Charity coin. Why should the former resign and not the latter?

Mr. Morneau resigned from his job this evening.

He seemed to be saying that he will be taking another job “to keep serving Canadians”, namely the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD ( ). Maybe he negotiated this deal whilst stepping down as Finance Minister? Or maybe it was a planned career move? Anyhow, best wishes to him now that he stepped down (hoping he learned lessons that will serve him in his new role). This being said, it is a bit strange to see someone promoting a career move whilst resigning.

As also expressed in an earlier post, Bambi thanks him for his long service… minus the WE Charity conflict of interest.

As for Mr. Trudeau, once again, he has the exact same behaviour as in the past (at least he is true to himself): He seemed to have “sacrificed” one of his significant team members to use the translated term of a journalist from Radio-Canada who asked Mr. Morneau a question in French at his press conference this evening.

Mr. Morneau appeared dignified (nervous of course at times, although remarkably calm, diplomatic, and… again dignified).

The sarcastic reaction came fast from Mr. Pierre Poilievre who tweeted the following:

Mr. Poilievre, the clever (and at times funny) Shadow Minister of Finance (Official Opposition) will be having a press conference tomorrow at 11 AM EST.

Bambi is curious to also hear from Mr. Blanchet, BQ leader. As a reminder, he has been calling for the resignation of Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Morneau, and Ms. Telford (the latter, Chief of Staff, may have been involved in yet another conflict of interest).

As for Mr. Trudeau, everyone is expecting he would name Mr. Mark Carney (a solid name) to replace Mr. Morneau.

This being said, how will Mr. Trudeau justify that, 6 days ago only, he told us that he has full confidence in Mr. Morneau?

What happened to that confidence Mr. Trudeau? It is you who should have resigned tonight, not him… or, ideally, both of you (as Bambi posted a while ago).

Of note, one journalist asked Mr. Morneau, did you lose confidence in Mr. Trudeau?

Of course, Mr. Morneau was wise, strategic, and respectful. In all his replies, he used the right words in both languages. Of note, at least tonight, he seemed to be a more reasonable politician than his (former) boss.

To conclude this post, had Bambi been Mr. Morneau, she would feel relieved not to be closely working with Mr. Trudeau anymore :). Who knows? In reality, these two men may remain united in the “Unis” (We Charity, in French) saga that could follow their reputations longer than they think? Mind you, who knows, they may still closely work together, through future collaborations between the OECD and the government (assuming Trudeau will survive)?!

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