Lebanon’s youth express their anger: “After that, it’s either death or we leave the country”

“Lebanese youth express their anger less than a week after the explosions in Beirut. After that, it’s either death or we leave the country…”

Bambi would like to thank Ms. Roula Douglas for sharing this video.

Here is a quick translation of their own words expressed in French:

We are being held hostage in our own country. We can’t get our money out. We don’t have a job. I am not feeling well and I am angry.

What has changed since Wednesday? Why protest now? Because it’s our last breath. After that, it’s either death or we leave the country. And I am not ready to leave the country.

And even after everything we’ve been through, they oppressed us more. They shot us. What does not work is that you have the same exact people who are in power for over 30 years.

They completely destroyed Lebanon. They have corrupted any organization. All sectors. All Lebanese sectors have been corrupted.

We want our justice, we want our freedom. We want our stolen money. We want peace.

Our requests are very simple: The departure of all this political class, all those political leaders, whether at the level of the Assembly/Parliament or at the level of the government.

Not only did they steal our money. Over US$100 billion has been stolen. Because we are not a bankrupt country. We are a country that has been completely robbed.

This is how they left their people, this is how the Lebanese people live today, without electricity, without water, without food. And there are plenty of people who don’t even have a home anymore. It is justice that we want. it is justice that we will have.

They’re the intruders, not us. They are the minority but unfortunately they are armed to the teeth… and we have our bodies, that’s all. Our generation will change everything. Our generation will recreate this country. Our generation will build this country.

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