A song to Maya and a powerful message from Carla

Like many of your loved ones abroad, Bambi is joining her prayer for your prompt recovery Maya (+ your mom’s and aunt’s recovery too). We are all with you across the miles. We love you!

Here is a famous and joyful French song to you from Bambi. It is about friendship. Following it, you can read your cousin Carla’s message. Bambi chose this song because both you and Carla are her DEAREST friends in Beirut and Montreal. Plus, your mother Maya and Bambi’s mom have been friends since childhood.

Although we are VERY far away, the distance between the hearts matters more than any mere geographical distance. Well, Bambi did not need a pandemic to understand this life reality. She has been experiencing it for over 30 years now.

Talking about hearts, you can guess that ours are broken for Lebanon, to use Carla’s clever words. As she wrote today, “my heart is broken in 10,452 pieces“. Why that many little pieces? Well, as you know, it is because it is the area of Lebanon’s in km2. (to put things into perspective, this total area corresponds to less than twice the size of the province of PEI. It is almost 150 times smaller than the province of Québec).

When she sees the SURREALISTIC images from Beirut, Bambi realizes how lucky she is to be able to share a song with you :). Hang on Maya… may your recovery be the smoothest possible!

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