Thank you… and good-bye nurse Zeinab!

Her name is Zeinab Haydar. She served her patients until her last breath… at age 47.

In the Al Arabiya link below, we can see a moving picture of her colleagues waiting on the street “in a moment of farewell to Zainab Haider at Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Beirut“.

May your memory be eternal Zeinab. May your family find the strength to go through their tough grief journey.

It seems that you are the first nurse to die from covid-19… after having cared for so many patients, helping them in healing.

Last week, Lebanon lost an emergency physician.

Earlier, Lebanon also lost several physicians among its diaspora (e.g., Italy, France, Brazil, etc.).

If she may, Bambi would like to offer you a song, as a tribute. She discovered it yesterday whilst listening to her internet Lebanese radio from Los Angeles.

The song is called “Life is beautiful”. It is a joint venture between singers from Lebanon and singers from abroad (some from Canada!). They sing in several languages: Arabic (Ms. Karol Sakr composed the music and Mr. Roger Dahrieh the lyrics), French (a Canadian young woman of Lebanese origins), English, Spanish, Italian, and German (a young man in Germany who happens to be Lebanese).

Life is indeed beautiful.

Sadly, it is sometimes too short.

May you rest in peace…


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