Congrats to Mr. Morneau for deserving a “National Order of the Cedar” like Mr. Trudeau! OK, with this honour, it is time for BOTH of them to resign

If you are curious to know why Mr. Trudeau got this award from Lebanon, you can read Bambi’s earlier post:

First, here is a CBC article from today about Mr. Morneau, reminding us that Mr. Morneau waited for two years to disclose his villa in France:

Second, here is an interesting article in the Toronto Sun (this evening) by Mr. Lilley in which he fears, like MP Pierre Poilievre (MP, Conservative Party of Canada), that the Liberals may throw Ms. Bardish Chagger under the bus (as they did with Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Of note, Bambi predicted the above scenario in her earlier post above (on July 17, 2020!). For her, past performance (i.e., past unorthodox or unethical behaviour) is usually the best predictor of future performance in life (i.e., current unethical behaviour):

“One may wonder why Minister Bardish Chagger has provided the information above. Is the idea of her party to eventually terminate her mandate, pay a $500 fine, and keep the head (our PM) et al.? It remains a possibility. Let’s wait and see…” (as per Bambi’s earlier post mentioned above).

Today, several politicians, non-elected political leaders, journalists, and even activists have denounced the unethical behaviour and even called on Minister Morneau to resign. Of course, the Conservative Party of Canada, supported by the Bloc Québécois officially called for the latter. By the way, what is the position of Mr. Jagmeet Singh? (MP, Leader of the New Democratic Party). Note how no one accused or will accuse Mr. Singh of racism if he does not agree with Mr. Blanchet on this one ?. More seriously now, here is an Editorial from the Toronto Sun also asking for Mr. Morneau to resign: .

This being said, kudos to Mr. Poilievre (Bambi discovered this MP only recently). He seems to be doing a clever job, as the Shadow Minister of Finance. It is his responsibility to hold our government accountable on this front. Thank you. As tax payers, we demand transparency. After all, this is Canada, not a Banana Republic (yet, if we are not mindful). In other terms, thankfully, despite our increasingly worrisome public dept, Canada is neither Lebanon nor Syria.

Talking about Syria, Bambi recalls how this country used to be called “Syria’s el Assad” (the Syria of Mr. Assad!), which implied that the country belonged to Assad (father, with his political party running the show as a dictatorship). At times, Bambi has the funny impression that Mr. Trudeau is behaving as if Canada belongs to him (i.e., the rules do not apply to him). He seems to forget that politicians are supposed to serve us, the citizens… Not the other way around.

This being said, Bambi is personally concerned not just about any “financial” corruption, small or large, but also (perhaps even more so!) about “moral” corruption. Is it true that youth personal data may have gone from WE to the Liberal Party of Canada, as sh read in the media (e.g., Journal de Montréal citing one academic expert interested in the flow of funding behind charities)? If so or if not, why are we so interested in paying young people for volunteering work? Since when we get paid for volunteering? What is this WE all about? We may never know this part of the saga…

During his first election, Mr. Trudeau promised us “sunny” ways, not “Syrian”ways. He also promised us to rise above partisanship to do politics differently? What happened to this earlier promise, Mr. Trudeau?

Canadians deserve more financial transparency and less political arrogance (of elitism, which is not necessarily better than populism after all, isn’t it ??).

Now, Bambi will conclude this post with today’s calls (video and tweets), asking for the resignation of Mr. Morneau… and hoping Mr. Trudeau “will tell the truth” in front of the Ethics committee (THE truth… not his family or own truth). Contrary to what Mr. Morneau said (see last tweet below), this is not a perceived conflict of interest. This is a FLAGRANT conflict of interest, period. It remains so, even if he returned the “forgotten” $41K.

Here is a video showing Mr. Poilievre, arguing that Mr. Morneau must resign:

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