Government of Québec: Which mask do you prefer?

At one point, it takes such a scary advertisement to make people remember protection, theirs and that of others. Bravo to Québec.

The ad below makes Bambi think of other fear-inducing prevention advertisements, namely those of drinking and driving or those about child drowning.

Today, Québec had 180 new cases of covid-19. As it has been mentioned on QUB radio in a conversation between Mr. Vincent Dessureault and Ms. Sophie Durocher, “it is the summer and it is sunny, true. People are thrilled to go out or to party (privately or in bars, etc.). However, we should not forget that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. A simple gesture of common sense can help save lives… If not, it can at least prevent a boring two-week quarantine in the middle of the summer!”

“Which mask do you prefer? More than ever, we must protect ourselves” (your Québec government)

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