Sky News: “Lebanon: A ‘failed state’ amid a crippling economic crisis”

Even if “the economic crisis in Lebanon has turned the country into a failed state“, is it true that “there is light at the end of the tunnel“, to use the words of the Lebanese current Economy and Trade Minister?

It is hard to see that light of hope when we hear sad stories from Beirut each day. The latest is about the American University of Beirut- Medical Centre (AUBMC; laying off over 500 staff (some local Lebanese media reported a total of 850 employees).

Is Lebanon (already) a “failed” state, at least economically speaking?

If so, how do so-called “failed states” recover eventually?

It seems logical to think that the political elite of a “failed state” must start by taking responsibility for their state’s failures, instead of blaming external forces or challenges.

Only such mindset can lead to a national reform plan. The latter (or anything that seriously looks like it) is what is expected by the IMF or any other foreign investor.

Of course, Lebanon’s road to recovery will be a very long process that will require a genuine commitment to that reform plan, along with citizen’s patience (if at all possible, despite what has been done to them!).

Without this commitment, there is NO “light at the end of the tunnel”…

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