Congratulations to Mr. Trudeau for his National Order of the Cedar!

Yesterday evening, a friend from Montreal called Bambi. They naturally spoke about Lebanon’s saga of political corruption that led to the country’s financial fiasco. They also talked about Mr. Trudeau, as both were long-term Liberal voters. “Why did you do that Mr. Trudeau?”, her friend said.

Bambi’s friend then added: “In Lebanon, people have been asking for the resignation of their political leaders since October, 2019. There, even if they change them, they remain influential. At least, here if people go to the street, Trudeau will step down immediately” ?.

Bambi smiled and said: “I am not that sure of that, you know?”

Bambi predicted that Mr. Trudeau will say he is sorry and try to get out of this again with a little fine. He will remain in power, so will his financial minister, most likely… More than that, Canadians may even vote for him again ☹!

This is the difference between the Lebanese and Canadian populations. There, they are more lucid. They do not let themselves be deceived by the media and politicians. Sadly, this does not change the outcome.

In Canada, people prefer to keep their eyes closed. It is more convenient or reassuring. It gives a sense of security, especially in uncertain times like a pandemic. Sadly, the outcome is not surprising, at least to Bambi.

If you are wondering about the title of this post, this award is the MOST prestigious one in Lebanon. Bambi feels sorry for insulting her birth country with this joke. The idea is just to show that Mr. Trudeau is not that different from those Lebanese politicians after all. He may just be more hypocritical. He may also think we are stupid… and who knows? He may be right: his apologies may work on many of us… They don’t/won’t on Bambi. He is no longer funny… He should resign. Period.

Oh, if he wishes, perhaps the “We Charity” can organize a “We Day” for him in Beirut ?. Whilst there, he can receive his National Order of the Cedar and get a selfie with his colleagues!

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