Mr. Maxime Bernier’s tweet (“Name the banana republic…”) & Mr. Yannick Lemay’s funny cartoon

To begin with, here is the tweet by Mr. Maxime Bernier. Is there someone left out there who can justify this?

If so, please help yourself on this blog. Unlike the CBC, comments are always open here.

Bambi is saying so and she is a former LONG-TERM liberal voter. She remains a classical “liberal”, mind you.

To conclude this post on a funny note (despite the seriousness of Canada’s matters), here is a cartoon published lately in the Journal de Québec. Mr. Dion (Ethics Commissioner) is saying: “Another conflict of interest”! Mr. Trudeau (check the heart on our PM’s belt ?) is giving us a speech, saying: “Well-ordered charity begins with yourself” ?. We can see his mom, spouse, and brother with their hands in a big “WE Charity” pot filled with dollars and we can read: “It is the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) for rich families”.

Cartoon by Mr. Yannick Lemay (YGRECK) published in the Journal de Québec (JFriday; July 10, 2020)

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