Mr. Richard Martineau: “His Highness Justin” [“Son Altesse Justin”], followed by Bambi’s reflections about our contradictory world

First, here is Mr. Richard Martineau’s sarcastic article published today in the Journal de Montréal:

Second, here is a quick translation in English:

So, did you celebrate Canada Day, my friends?

Did you eat well, drink well, and have a taut belly?


Because, like the cicada which has been singing all summer, the time has now come to pay.


As you know, for the past few months, Justin Trudeau has been literally laying gold bars.

You tap him on the nose and pull his right ear, and cocorico!, it brings you a billion dollars from no one knows where.

This is how, in recent weeks, our PM has distributed more than $170 billion in aid programs of all kinds.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: 17, followed by ten zeros.

One hundred and seventy billion dollars which is added to the bottomless hole that our PM dug with a seed, from November 2015 to March 2020, while pangolin stew was not yet known by gastronomes around the world and that the country’s economy was going great!

If this continues, Santa Claus will have to look for another job …

But what do you want: that’s the Trudeau recipe.

One day, you cry, the next day, you distribute gifts. One day, you cry, the next day, you distribute gifts.

This is an old Magic Tom trick: while you put your right hand on your heart, taxpayers (who have their eyes full of water) do not see that you are putting your left hand in their wallets.

And all of this is done while Parliament has not been sitting since mid-March.

Not bad for a minority government, right?

No vote, no budget, no economic update, no debate!

Democracy will wait, Super Justin has a virus to fight!


‘Sir’ Justin’s latest gift: a $ 900 million program to pay young people who volunteer.

No, no, I didn’t make a typo: the Government of Canada is going to PAY young people for VOLUNTEERING.

What is next? Send ribs to vegans?

And who will manage this wonderful, fabulous program straight out of Father Justin’s big red pocket (which means: from our own little pocket)?

The government? Of course not, come on! What an idea!

It will be the WE charity.

Whose main ambassador is – drum roll – Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau!

And of which one of the most illustrious speakers is – get out the trumpets – Justin Trudeau!

But all this is only coincidence, chance, synchrony, concordance, luck, vein, occurrence.

Above all, see NO link!

And how much will this CARITATIVE organization be PAID for its fine services?

Nineteen million five hundred thousand dollars.

YOUR money.

All this, without a call for tenders, without a debate in the chamber, without a vote.

What do you want, there is a virus…

What can the democratic process do against bats?


So, I hope you enjoyed your fireworks yesterday, your flags (because, no, Canadians haven’t forgotten them) and your beautiful big beaver tails. [Mr. Martineau is referring here to the “mistake” that made the organizers of the concert forget to display a single Québec flag on the scene. Oups…]

Because you are going to pay.

In tabarnak [A French Québec swear], as Plume [singer] would say (but not Pierre Lapointe)” [The latter is another singer who was performing at the Québec National Day, called Saint Jean, last week. It seems that he may have censored this word from the famous song about patriotic love to Québec, as a nation.]

End of Mr. Martineau’s article.


This is an addendum by Bambi:

The world is upside down these days.

In Canada and the in USA (perhaps in the UK too or elsewhere in Europe?), we see citizens, including journalists, ashamed of their own country’s flag and of their collective heritage. They insist on condemning it, or on literally erasing it from their collective memory (e.g., destruction of statues and monuments, etc.), using the limited lens of the present moment.  

Well, in contrast to all this, especially to the flag issue, Bambi just heard a Lebanese internet radio reporting trendy social media messages, calling for a peaceful march to the American embassy in Beirut out of solidarity/gratitude with the USA (American Ambassador in Lebanon whom Hezbollah tried to silence in the form of media interview ban). A judge involved in a weird judgment that was not applied, it seems, even resigned over this scandal. This story is a past one luckily,]. Lebanese citizens who have decided to march are being invited to do so peacefully, carrying the American flag as well as the Lebanese flag. Their gesture is meant to say: thank you to the USA for supporting Lebanon (e.g., traditionally training and donating to its army; lately grants to help students, etc.).   

In turn, the above story seems contradictory to what happened two Christmas periods ago. Bambi was visiting Beirut at the time. There has been a large demonstration near the American embassy, this time to denounce Mr. Trump’s unilateral declaration about Jerusalem (as the undivided capital of Israel). Buses of people brought demonstrators to the site. The demonstration was supposed to be peaceful. It was called by the Lebanese Communist Party, if Bambi recalls well. Well, some people started to destroy the municipality Christmas’ decoration and people’s properties (it was sad to watch on TV ☹). As soon as the Party in question saw this happening, it ordered its members and sympathizers to leave the scene of the demonstration immediately, denouncing this senseless violence in the media.

Bambi remembers having thought highly of that party then. She googled it out of curiosity. It seems to be fighting for real causes like supporting workers’ unions, etc. What a contrast with our radical left, which contradicts itself constantly and which is more about destroying society than building bridges to assemble people… Why? She has wondered ever since. Are Lebanese people deeper thinkers, those to the left and those to the right or those who do not care about neither? Or do they have REAL problems, hence the utility of an extreme socialist party. No need to invent fashionable causes to feel good about social justice in the world. In the Middle East, the reality is in your face! Anyhow, the Lebanese society has many dynamic political parties, including this one with 5000 members only (for a population of 3-4 million or so).  

To conclude this post, back to Mr. Trudeau now, Mr. Martineau called him a King today… Mmm, so did Mr. Blanchet on June 18 when he called for the parliament to return. He said in a funny tone: “I know Canada is a monarchy, but I didn’t know it had an actual king, someone who decides everything and makes a show of it on a daily basis and does not answer to a parliament. It does look like a monarchy…” , as per the National Post (

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