Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fête du Canada!

The “O Canada” was first sung in the French language in 1880 (music composed by Mr. Calixa Lavallée).

One hundred years later (on July 1st, 1980), it was proclaimed to be Canada’s national anthem.

Bambi loves singing our national anthem in both languages. Well, today more than ever ?.

Here is the French version:

Here is the English version, as performed in 2008 by Zach, a talented (and cute ?!) young Canadian:

Here is our NB Premier (Mr. Blaine Higgs)’s Canada Day message:


Like Premier Higgs, Bambi is grateful to be Canadian.

Here is how our town of Sackville is celebrating Canada Day 2020:

To conclude this post, Happy Canada Day to everyone, especially to Bambi’s friend, Ms. Diana Akilian, who recently took the oath of Canadian citizenship online ?!

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