Why is Mr. Trudeau distributing “our” money ($300M) to global organizations like “Global Citizen”?


Did Trudeau ask us if we want to pledge this money with our tax money?

Where is this money going?

Why doesn’t it remain here in our Canadian communities without drinkable water and without appropriate housing (i.e., some first nations’ reserves)?

Will our government ask for transparency from entities abroad where “our” money is going?

Bambi is saying this and her own birth country is struggling to survive (e.g., she heard stories of people stealing food from houses, not iPads and not computers; Others are selling their shoes and clothes to get diapers or milk for their kids).

Yet, she finds it odd that such large amount of money is being pledged without any discussion.

Politicians in her birth country stole public money (some of it likely as international donations). Lebanese banks that lent money to the government were penalized, when the country went bankrupt. Guess from whom money was taken? From peoples’ bank accounts!

Will this Global Citizen organization require transparency from countries where this money is going?

Bambi voted for Mr. Trudeau the first time. Sadly, he removed this transparency act that his predecessor required here in our Canada. So, it is hard to imagine that Trudeau will be asking for some transparency abroad… If so, he will surprise Bambi and she will change her mind about this topic.

Why is Mr. Trudeau encouraging all this? Is he genuine here? Or is he aspiring to become the next UN Secretary General ??

Mr. Trudeau, you are generous, which is a virtue… But please be so with your own money, not ours!

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