Like Korenberg (and all people with a heart), Bambi is against discrimination against anyone in life for any reason (e.g., ethnicity, religion, AND political views, etc.). Because of the latter, she usually does not endorse radical movements in life (even those pretending to speak in her name)

For the CBC, anything that is not radical left is far-right ?:

Seriously now, this story is VERY worrisome:

Mr. Michael Korenberg has resigned from his position as chair (and board member) of the Uiversity of British Columbia (UBC)’s Board of Governors, effective immediately. The reason stated: liking tweets supporting US President Donald Trump and criticizing BLM protests.

We are free to have any opinion we wish in life. We are free to like or dislike any online picture or comment. We are free to think that this story (and the way it is being covered in our public media) speaks volume about the totalitarian times ahead.

We may be totalitarian when we are either to the “far-right” OR far-left.

Today, the UN, Canada, and what they call “global” causes are all to the left. Is this a coincidence?

Bambi is eager to see the end of the elections in the Unites States, regardless of its outcome, just hoping Canada (+ the USA and the world) would renew with sanity again.

According to Bambi non-expert citizen’s opinion, Mr. Korenberg should not apologize.

Never apologize to the mob in life!

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