Is money starting to grow on trees in Canada?

The Green Party (provincial and federal) as well as Québec Solidaire (their equivalent in Québec) keep asking for a universal basic income guarantee.

Here is a recent article in the NB Media Coop:

Here is the platform of Québec Solidaire (one of the opposition parties there):

From where would this communist-like idea be funded, if not from Canadians’ taxes?

More hand outs means more taxes and public debt. Didn’t we have enough before the pandemic? So, imagine after.

Why should we pay people to do nothing? How would this encourage the productivity and entrepreneurship of citizens and, thus, the economy of Canada?

Why are we asking for more dependence of people on governments? Is this healthy? Is this wise?

Bambi likes some of the great ideas of the green party (she has been following their federal leadership race news lately. She even has a preferred candidate ?).

Seriously, this basic income idea is SURELY not one of her favourite ones.

It is a recipe for an economic and social disaster for Canada… and even for tiny bankrupt Lebanon.

To conclude this post on a lighter note, there is a funny myth in less fortunate countries that, in America (the USA mainly but also Canada), immigrants start collecting gold once they land there (gold found on the streets!). A man (neighbour of her family) once joked with Bambi when she was visiting Lebanon asking her if she has been doing this in Canada all those years. She replied: “All day long! I have back pain now. Do you want to come to help me?

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