Bravo Mr. Blanchet: Thankfully, wise, sincere, and courageous politicians still exist…

The video above is taken from the CBC. It shows us a living example of a leader in the true sense of the word, in Bambi non-expert citizen’s opinion: A man who is human, compassionate, sincere, supportive, and most importantly courageous (perhaps others would have thrown their MP under the bus… who knows?). He also answered the journalist’s questions very well.

Mr. Blanchet seems to sincerely respect Mr. Singh. He seems sad about this story.

Ironically, both Blanchet and Singh happen to be on the same (left) side of politics, in addition to being peers… and perhaps “friends”, who knows? Of course, in as much as you can be friendly with your colleagues in politics.

Each one of them, in his own way, cares for citizens.

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Singh will accept to apologize and to take that hand extended to him.

We, citizens, need his calmness and hopefully lucidity, now more than ever.

As for Mr. Alain Therrien, without knowing him in person, Bambi would like to salute his courage again, especially in times where political correctness is paralyzing both citizens and public servants representing them.

Only sincerity of our acts (vote in this example) will get us out of of those unhealthy times where words have been emptied from their meanings.

This is why, Bambi is convinced that we need more of Mr. Blanchet and Mr. Therrien (+ their colleague from yesterday’s incident who defended the latter); regardless of the topic, of the issue, of the opinion.

We need to be able to say what we think in life with freedom/respect before, during, and after a speech/vote, etc. It is called basic democracy (and diversity of opinions) in life.

Everyone wants to be a good citizen/politician. Everyone wants to prove this “goodness” to him/herself and to the rest of the world… but we are all human beings. No one is perfect. No one is right all the time.

We may get angry because we are convinced to be right.

We may vote differently and still be right.

Despite Mr. Singh’s enthusiasm (or impoliteness?), using a word that acts as a sword nowadays, no single person or entity is entitled to morality in life.

Mr. Singh may have just been angry, Bambi gets it. However, by apologizing, he would set a good example of collegiality to all of us (just like Mr. Blanchet did today).


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