Canadians are so obedient, regardless of the cause

When our federal government invited Maritimers to welcome Syrian refugees. They immediately listened with such a beautiful welcoming preparation that took over a year around here in Sackville, NB, and in some nearby villages in NS. Arabic lessons were taught. People learned words that even Bambi did not know or forgot about ?. They were just amazing before welcoming our newcomers. So imagine after. Bless them!

Now, our government, media, and international organizations are telling them that they are systematically racist and unconsciously biased. Here they are walking in Yarmouth, Amherst, Truro (NS), in Charlottetown (PEI) and of course earlier in Moncton, Sackville, Fredericton, Saint John (NB), and St John’s (Newfoundland). You can see some pictures below.

Well for a bunch of racists, Canadians are just sweet!

A picture taken from Saltwire Network in Truro, NS (June 7, 2020)
A picture taken from Saltwire Network in Charlottetown, PEI (June 7, 2020)
A picture taken by the CBC in St John’s, Newfoundland a few days ago

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