Bambi thought the Mayor of Montreal was acting silly with her new rules and public servants’ training to “attack masculine supremacy over the feminine in the French language” until she read about the Mayor of Toronto’s “Menstrual Hygiene Day”

Here is the news from Postmillennial:

Here is Mayor Tory’s letter from his own Tweeter account :)):

Bambi does know this Mayor. He may be competent but he seems to want to be into equity and inclusiveness (to all groups/genders, etc.) so much that he totally forgot about biology… and women (as per the article above, using the term “people who menstruate”).

With all due respect, he sounds absurd (if not silly), even he may have intended to be welcoming to all whilst being keen about menstrual hygiene.

Mind you, why should we have a day for every single matter in life OR every single group, whether the latter considers itself “a marginalized community” or not?

Why do we always have to think in terms of victimhood? What about pride/dignity in life? What about joy or free will, etc.?

Most importantly, what about biology?! Once again, we seem to deny it when we push our illuminated ideas a bit too much.

In the end, declaring a day for this or that will become like Saint days; there is one for each to the point that it is hard to remember all of them, even if we know they are meant to be good folks (to whom some pray for protection or inspiration). In addition to these days, we also have an All Saints Day on November 1st. Perhaps not famous in North America as much as Halloween (the night before). It is still a big holiday in Europe and in Lebanon.

Talking about this day, does it mean we can take it off work to either celebrate it or to take care of oneself because of it? Or would that count now into the 10 paid days of sickness during the pandemic :)? If you think Bambi is exaggerating, Lebanon still has such a day off, if she is not mistaken.

Anyhow, menstruation day or not, Bambi prefers to think of May 28 as the Wedding Anniversary of her parents and the birthday of Ben, a friend who turned 2 today :)!

To conclude this post, below you can find an earlier post from Bambi on Mayor Valérie Plante:

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