Rest in peace, Dearest Len

Leonard Standring, 1923-2020

Bambi’s and her spouse’s friend Len died :(. To honour him, she would like to share the following: (1) Two beautiful pictures taken by him in 2011 in Sackville and (2) a message they posted for him and his family (Mark/Odette) on his obituary site that, for some technical reason, does not seem to be working. In case the website is broken, here is their message again:

A wonderful picture taken by Mr. Leonard Standring in 2011 in Sackville, NB
Another great picture taken by Mr. Leonard Standring in 2011 in Sackville, NB

Dearest Len, what an honour to have met you… Thank you for whom you are and for the wonderful moments of friendship.

What a GREAT man with a sharp sense of humour, much intelligence, talent, a big heart, and such a beautiful smile… Not surprising that you made many friends wherever you lived.

Just to make you smile from wherever you/your spirit may be, whilst praying for you now, I (Bambi is saying this) smiled to your memory, even spontaneously thinking/telling you the following: “I do not mind if England will win all its future soccer games against Germany, for the rest of my life, as long as it makes you happy in heaven”… I know, I will likely regret what I said tomorrow morning, but at least the thought crossed my mind (and I did mean it, Len ?). 

More seriously, you will be missed by many who love you, just like us. Rest in peace now… and may your memory be eternal.

Mark, we are happy to know that you were by your dad’s side when he died peacefully… May you and Odette find peace in your hearts, day after day, remembering that you have honoured him all his life, until his last breath. Bless you both for that.

You take good care,

Bambi/Bambi’s spouse (Sackville, NB)

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