If you can’t fix stupid, can you at least dream of voting it out?

The Lebanese Interior Minister, Mr. Mohamed Fahmy, expressed his ideas on why Lebanon is back to the lockdown and fear of the spread of the coronavirus.

According to him, in addition to people’ irresponsible behaviour, “eroding the Lebanese society is a Zionist goal that ‘corona’ is achieving”.  

The question is the following: Is this politician (whom Bambi does not know) silly… or does he think that citizens are stupid?

Why don’t politicians, especially in the Middle East, resort to logic ONLY?

This sentence does not make any sense whatsoever, even if Israel is not the friendliest neighbour on earth, even if Hezbollah and Israel have issues, AND even if Hezbollah’s weapons are Lebanon’s most serious issue since the end of civil war… in addition to corruption!

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