Why isn’t Canada covidwise when it comes to China?

China kept the outbreak of the coronavirus secret. It did so by oppressing its healthcare providers and citizens who dared to share information.

Furthermore, China did not hesitate to play political shenanigans within the World Health Organization, delaying the declaration of the pandemic.

Not only that, China collected medical equipment from all around the world.

Then, it “adjusted” its data… by 50%.

In addition to all this, it profited from the world’s misery by selling us personal protective equipment or PPE (some of which were even defective).

Despite the deception described above, Canada remained silent about China.

Specifically, it did not join all the countries denouncing this unacceptable behaviour.

Now, we learn that Canada has decided to partner with a Chinese company (CanSino Biologics) for the development of a vaccine:


Here is the company’s website (established in 2009):


Of note, this company could have links/partnerships with the “Chinese Communist Military”, according to Asia times, Bangkok Post, and Mr. Spencer Fernando:


According to the CBC, Canadians will “help develop, test potential COVID-19 vaccine from Chinese company“:


How can Canadians trust China and the scientific quality of its vaccine, after having experienced defective PPE? And why would their country deal with China and not with another company, perhaps older (scientifically more experienced) or perhaps located in a more trustworthy country?

Mind you, Bambi has nothing against this particular company. She is just questioning the logic behind this choice?

Did Canada consider other options? On which criteria did it base its decision?

Does Canada care about Canadians’ opinions or feelings? Many may also be questioning all this.

Who knows? Perhaps many Canadians will instantly trust this vaccine (perhaps in order not to be called “racists” like Mr. Bryan Adams). Perhaps this vaccine will hopefully work? Perhaps China will finally behave?

Perhaps all this… but Bambi, as a deer with a memory and an intuition, will be reluctant to trust, both China and… the judgment of Mr. Trudeau et al. since the beginning of the pandemic.

Didn’t Mr. Trudeau say in 2013 the following: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime“?

Let’s conclude this post with some older humour… It is sometimes better to smile to what we find absurd in life.

Cartoon from 2019 by Mr. Yannick Lemay, Journal de Québec

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