Since when expressing frustration is racism? And since we are at it, why can’t we be “racist”?

It seems that Mr. Bryan Adams expressed a frustration against “bat eaters”, using the F. word.

He was immediately called out by a couple of so-called “social justice activists”, labelling him with the R. word.

All the Canadian media picked up the story in lockstep (here is just one example:

Don’t journalists have anything more important to do than this?

Or are they somehow diverting our attention from the main issue, cleverly raised by Mr. Lilley yesterday and that should matter more here:

Why isn’t Canada joining the USA, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, the European Union, the African Union, and even countries like Kenya, Uganda, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria in condemning China?

To come back to Mr. Adam’s “racism”, are people in Taiwan racists too ??

Anyhow, Bambi as a deer who loves eating meat (minus bats) is more disturbed by Canada’s silence, about China’s attitude at the beginning of the pandemic, than by Mr. Bryan Adams’ words.

China may have not been responsible for the beginning of the tragedy (it could have started anywhere else).

However, sadly yet perhaps not surprisingly, China had a dictatorship’s reflex in dealing with the tragedy when it started and for that, it should be held accountable.

As a reminder, China’s initial response was to hide the truth (not just deny it, as this would have been a typical first reaction, especially when frozen by fear). Specifically, the Chinese government oppressed healthcare providers and citizens talking about the coronavirus, kept secret the seriousness of the outbreak, played political shenanigans within the World Health Organization to deceive us all even longer, collected protective medical equipment from all around the world, and then profited from our misery by selling us personal protective equipment, etc. (some of which were even defective).

Anyhow, this story makes Bambi recall “Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy” (or mad cow disease). At that time, people were criticizing British animal husbandry practices and rightly so:

Why wasn’t this criticism racist back then? And why is it now?

To conclude this post on a lighter note, let’s imagine for a second that the virus did not originate from the pangolin and then moved to the bat as an intermediate host. Let’s imagine that it all started in a shawarma (like donair but, of course, tastier ?)!

If people start criticizing Lebanese hygiene in cutting shawarma, will they be racist? Even if they use the full F. word, they won’t be racist. Guess what? The people of Lebanon themselves would be using it too, just like people in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Shawarma… mmm!!

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