Both Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Ford did not respect travel bans to go to their cottages whilst a 19-year-old youth is arrested in NB, fined $292, and sent back to Ontario

First, here is the story:

Second, both Mr. Daniel Arefi and his family, should have educated themselves better about the emergency measures in New Brunswick in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, perhaps the airline company should have not accepted to fly Mr. Arefi from Toronto (Ontario) to NB. Did anyone ask him about the purpose of his trip, essential business or not? Didn’t they tell him about the travel ban before the flight?

Upon his arrival, this youth seems to have explained that his trip was to “visit” his family. According to his dad, it was rather to move back to NB to live with them (after having lost his job in Toronto, as a barber).

Miscommunication? Maybe.

Perhaps this is the result of uncertain times for a young man who may have been forced, by the economic circumstances, to come back to live with or closer to his parents. Perhaps that was not his first choice at this stage of his life. Perhaps in his mind, it was just a visit (even if visits can sometimes last a lifetime). Perhaps this is how he and his parents negotiated this tough crisis together. Anyhow, this is neither our business, nor the focus of this post.

In this story, we can see the following: On one hand, we have a province serious about its covid-19 measures (bravo, as this is meant to protect us!). However, on the other, we have NB airport staff who went a bit TOO far in the application of the provincial emergency measures.

This has resulted in an “unfortunate situation” for the individual and his family, to borrow the words of Premier Higgs (who was asked a question about this at today’s press conference, as per the article above).

We can even add that this situation is not just “unfortunate”, it is both ridiculous and unfair.

Since Mr. Arefi has already landed in NB and he does not have a job in Toronto anymore, why didn’t we allow him to self-quarantine here (his dad seems to have talked about having rented an apartment for him for this purpose). We would have allowed this family to be happily re-united in 14 days from now.

Fine him only, if this is necessary… but why was he handcuffed whilst being arrested? Was this necessary? Why was he sent back to Toronto, after all the flying hassle and costs? Is this the safest and wisest legal decision, even if he did not act in a “covidwise” way?

Talking about fines, were Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Ford fined for having gone to their cottages?

Surely not… even if they did not set the good examples to all of us, including to Mr. Arefi.

In contrast, we do not hesitate to harshly punish this youth/his family and so many other citizens across the country.

All this has a name in English: Double standard.

“Deux poids, deux mesures”, in French.

In Lebanese Arabic, it sounds lighter: “Some get the olive oil” (= health-enhancing), “others the trans fats” (=health compromising).

Regardless of the language, the meaning is the same: it seems UNFAIR.

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