Mmm… where is our legendary Canadian politeness, Mr. Champagne?

Bambi usually likes Mr. Champagne, Minister of Global Affairs Canada (formerly known as Foreign Affairs). She is disappointed to see him not answering a question directly (is he learning from his boss ??). Most importantly, she is disappointed to learn this from the video in the media ( Canada did not thank Taiwan for its kind donation of 25K masks yet?! What is it waiting for? For China’s blessing (or green light)?

We can thank two countries at once, Canada. We can even interact with two countries at once, despite their historical issues (ex. Israel and Palestine, etc.).

So why not apply the same diplomatic logic here?

We can even thank without endorsing or… even without liking an entity. It is called clever diplomacy.

Bambi is disturbed because when she voted for Mr. Trudeau the first time (thank goodness not the second time), her wish was to see Canada re-playing a role at the international scene. Frankly, she is afraid we may be becoming the clown of the world…

Bambi is also sad because, in some regards, Taiwan is like the Lebanon of this world. China is like the Iran of the Middle East, so to speak (larger scale). Yes, Bambi would have appreciated some thoughtful politeness, had Lebanon donated those masks.

Anyhow, to conclude this post, regardless of our government’s impolite attitude, Bambi would like to thank Taiwan for its nice gesture toward us!

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