Is Mr. Trudeau out of his mind?

Our economy is literally falling apart (or, at least, has taken a BIG hit). MANY industries are collapsing or seriously struggling. Perhaps over 2 million Canadians are off work :(.

Despite all the above, what did Mr. Trudeau do today? He gave about CAD $846.719 million to the World Health Organization!

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the covid-19 pandemic with much delay (6 weeks or so), and the Canadian government was slower in closing our borders, even if the response has improved later (finally and thanks). The reality remains that the VERY early stages of a pandemic are critical, if we want to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible.

This being said, the WHO has been”hijacked” by China (and other countries that the latter invests in, in order to earn their votes, including African countries, etc.).

Despite all this, we must remain human and help… but why that much Mr. Trudeau?

To fill the gap left by the USA? To show the world that you (we) are better than Mr. Trump? To ensure your UN seat? Or… simply because you are out of your mind today?

Yesterday night, Bambi saw a more reasonable Mr. Trudeau on TV (Tout le monde en parle), she even wrote a post about it. Where is he? Can we have him back, please?

By the way, where is our opposition?

Of course, Bambi means where is Mr. Maxime Bernier when Canada needs him? Unfortunately, he was not re-elected in the fall. Intellectually, he would have been good in confronting this idea (of over funding the WHO) with some common sense?

Sadly, common sense is not that common in Canada and in the world.

To conclude this post on a lighter note, here is an earlier cartoon by Mr. Yannick Lemay. It shows “Santa Justin”. Of course, our government has no choice BUT to support citizens and industries. Bravo and thank you. However, as per the cartoon, the deficit to future generations is over $252 billions… and Mr. Trudeau is singing “it is not over yet, this is just the beginning“.

Indeed, today, he proved us one more time that it is not over yet. Mr. Trudeau, it is perhaps time to consider taking a little break from your role of Santa, even if you enjoy it. While at it, how about also re-considering your “globalist” idealistic vision of the world? How will it serve us, Canadians, besides increasing our public debt further?

Perhaps if you explain to us some of the benefits or interests, from your perspective, we may see things differently? Perhaps we can follow you in your logic? For now, it is challenging for Bambi to understand this logic, even if she has an interest in seeing more vulnerable countries being supported (including her birth country, Lebanon).

For now, the only question that comes to her mind is like the title of this post: “Is Mr. Trudeau out of his mind”?

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