Finding humour in a pandemic

“Poches vides” (pronouced as POCHVID) means “empty pockets” in French. Of course, Bambi feels for this man 🙁 but remember this post is about finding and appreciating humour. Thanks JoĂ«lle for sharing this funny cartoon! This being said, check his beard and hair. Mmm maybe Bambi can send him her talented spouse (he managed to cut his own hair!). So talented that she asked him the other day if he can cut hers too :).
This cartoon and all the others below are signed by Mr. Yannick Lemay from the Journal de QuĂ©bec. OK, here you, can see a young man getting his CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) check from Mr. Trudeau. Of course, thanks to our federal government… but notice how this guy is sitting in the sun with his drink. His partner is wondering “if she should go back to work or… ” get her direct deposit. The guy is telling Mr. Trudeau “I will re-take another cheque from you, dude!”. This cartoon may be referring to some people on welfare (funds from QuĂ©bec) or on unemployment (funds from Canada) who have been spending their off work time in Mexico in the past.
Bambi loves this cartoon. It is before Mr. Legault, the PM of QuĂ©bec decided to open schools, earlier in regions followed by Montreal (hit hard in the pandemic). Check who is driving the school bus (Mr. Legault himself!) whilst saying “Hello Immunity!” This cartoon refers to a time where the PM may have said or answered a question from a journalist saying that going to school will not be mandatory. Check the mom throwing her kids out of their place because she likely cannot stand them anymore :). Her son is saying: “He said it is not mandatory! Of course, it is hard already to govern without a pandemic, so imagine with one. Each province is taking its own decisions, with its own approaches. Best wishes to every province/territory and country! Bambi thinks highly of Mr. Legault, even if he could or could not be right on this one. Parents are worried… but the Association of Pediatricians of QuĂ©bec is all in favour of this decision. Adjustments may have to be eventually made, if outbreaks start in some schools.
Going to the cottage, yes or no? Check the coronavirus with his Montreal hat, hitchhiking to go to the regions!
This senior man is saying that he can still survive in his confinement… but he cannot take the weather anymore!
This girl is celebrating her prom… at home by herself (perhaps virtually, as she is in front of a labtop screen?). She is crying, as you can see. Bambi feels for her… especially that she may have dreamed of this day for months or years. In the end, what can we do? Life is unfair at times, surely in a deadly pandemic!
Here we can see Mr. Legault saying: “On the 4th of May, we will be giving the go ahead to return to work” . Check the lady measuring her partner’s belly and saying: “It is about time!” Check also her hair and his hair. Bambi likes the rainbow of hope on their fridge :).
OK, here we can see the mom going to work fully equipped with PPE, saying “have a good day my love” (or “bĂ©bĂ©”). The younger child is VERY frustrated (saying “it is unfair“!) because his teen brother is allowed to stay at home whilst he has to return to school. Check his physical distancing equipment :).
Here we see Mr. Legault, again driving his school bus with a plan and a trailer of the Economy of QuĂ©bec (check the “all will go well” slogan written in the colours of the rainbow of hope). The bus is crossing a bridge that does not seem to be that solid and we can read the sign “collective immunity” on it.

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