Covid-19: Bravo to NB & thank you Mr. Higgs

According to the CBC article below, “New Brunswick bans temporary foreign workers to curb COVID-19 risk”:

It takes wisdom and courage to say no (to Ottawa) when it would be logical to do so, to protect the NB population during a deadly pandemic.

This temporary ban is meant to keep our good record of low cases and zero deaths related to Covid-19. Why take the risk of changing these good statistics, after having worked hard to keep them under control by taking wise decisions (fast lockout of senior nursing home, fast closure of borders, tracking symptoms and/or relations of travellers, informing people who travelled on an airplane with a known case, closing schools/campuses fast, etc.)?

The needs of our farmers can be easily filled with volunteering work by our younger people (e.g., maybe students or others, with a little bonus, if we can afford it, like richer provinces such as Québec; if not, as a volunteering work to help each other).

Related to this, it is reassuring to hear that the province will “shift some of the 1,500 foreign workers already in the province to fill gaps at his farm and others”, as NB Premier said.

May this pandemic be behind us, so we can come back to our normal welcoming traditions with our much needed summer foreign workers, with our relatives from other provinces, and with our international tourists or students, etc.

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