A brief respite concert at a Lebanese public COVID-19 healthcare centre

Bambi would like to begin this post by thanking her sister (hi Rania ?) for sharing the following video. It shows a concert by an NGO meant for patients and staff of the Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH) in Beirut, Lebanon.

A Lebanese public healthcare centre, the RHUC is the leading COVID-19 testing and treatment centre in this country. Its devoted staff and volunteers took a break from patient care. For a few minutes, they allowed themselves to “forget” about physical distancing and economic hardship:

If you are curious about the latest coronavirus update from Lebanon, here is a brief video (dated April 15, 2020; with 5 news cases today and same total of 21 deaths):

When Bambi searched the Internet to read about the RHUC, she discovered a very short video, featuring Lebanon, posted by the Lebanese Ministry of information.

The video in question is neither related to the pandemic nor to the financial tragedy of the country, along with their joint devastating effect on the economy… Perhaps, it is meant to remind us that Lebanon is still hanging on, with its eternal beauty and resilience. Yes, one day (no clue when!), there will be a “normal” life post-pandemic, for all the countries of the world, including us here and tiny bankrupt Lebanon.

In the case of Lebanon, Bambi hopes that normality will finally mean a dignified life. Lebanese people are not asking for the moon. They JUST need the basics: being able to put bread on the table… and sleep at night, reassured that their savings are not lost. Is this too much to ask for, even before a pandemic?

Although they greatly appreciate their government smart management of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are far from being dumb… they know how to recognize different types of haircuts, when they see them.

Yes, they do understand that their government is bankrupt. Plus, the pandemic was the icing on the cake. Nevertheless, even when quarantined, they do not forget about the epidemic of public corruption.

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