Another Canadian federal stupidity

Thank you, Mr. Blanchet (Bloc Québécois leader), for raising this issue today.

In the article below, we can read:

“Before more temporary foreign workers arrive at Dorval airport in Montreal, can steps be taken so that these people are quarantined at customs before they are released to go elsewhere in the country in the interests of all Canadians?”

Blanchet charged that the federal government is passing the buck of responsibility of overseeing this quarantine period and placing it onto the shoulders of farm owners”.

End of the quote.

Why is our federal government so careless with public heath?

For the safety of our Dear temporary migrant workers as well as the safety of the farmers and communities across Canada, wouldn’t it make sense to do like Lebanon is doing with its repatriated citizens: testing everyone and offering one night quarantined at hotels until a negative COVID-19 test? If not, quarantined longer.

Had Canada done this, it would help both farmers and workers, as they can start their job earlier.

To conclude this post, Bambi’s own second cousin is currently quarantined at a hotel upon her arrival to Beirut from Dubai.

If tiny bankrupt Lebanon is able to be that thorough, why can’t Canada do a better job?

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