If Ms. Hajdu is truly competent as Health Minister, why are so many Canadian media articles trying to convince us of her competence that hard?

One may even wonder if this is the product of an orchestrated paid campaign by our government ??

Or does this stem from journalists themselves, so eager to get their cheque from the government during this crisis that they lost any remaining critical sense to that point?

Or could they be too keen to reassure us to the point of contributing to deceiving us?

If we keep hearing it, we will start believing it…

Are we in Canada or in Syria where they keep praising their Mr. Assad’s government even in pandemics?

Bambi finds it worrisome when all the media of a given country seem to go in the same direction… and when they aren’t, we do not give them permission to daily PM press conferences (i.e. Rebel news of Mr. Ezra Levant, it seems).

We may or may not agree with Mr. Levant all the time on all the topics (isn’t this normal in life?). However, at least, we know one thing about him: He does not receive a penny from the federal government. That could explain why his journalism may be more independent.

Anyhow, here is a non-exhaustive list of mainstream media praising Ms. Hajdu:

Globe and Mail, the National Pos, Global news, CTV news (watch the same exact title, likely picked up from a press release from the government, according to Bambi who may of course be wrong):



Interestingly, only the Toronto Sun has two articles criticizing her rather… mmm maybe they will not get their bailout then?

One local Ontario newspaper published a letter the Editor, written by Ms. Hajdu’s own mom. Perhaps not the most elegant piece written by a parent about her daughter. This text tells Bambi two things: 1. Their parental relationship does not seem to be that joyful or healthy (this is not our business though!) and 2. Either the mother or the daughter, or perhaps both of them, are lying (dishonesty may become our problem one day; how come no journalist picked that up?).

Here is the Letter to the Editor in question, found online. Bambi was not able to find the original article cited herein: https://www.chroniclejournal.com/news/local/hajdu-faced-life-s-trauma/article_6d89f81a-0fbb-11e8-80a5-fb7e4dd7d930.html:

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