To what extent did the WHO’s delayed warning about the coronavirus pandemic delay the world’s preparedness? And what about Canada’s further delay(s)?

The government of China’s initial reaction was to hide its tragic coronavirus outbreak for whatever reason.

Perhaps it is embarrassing for them not to have been able to control the outbreak in its early stages? Perhaps this government was too busy fighting the virus that it did not think of the rest of the world? Perhaps it truly believes that China is the centre of the world?

Or perhaps Bambi is being too harsh now…?

One thing is sure: It is heartbreaking to have witnessed the suffering of the Chinese people from Day 1 (Bambi followed this story. Intuitively, she saw this pandemic coming early on…). It is also very sad to see the progression of the virus around the world and to know that our turn is coming (what we have seen thus far is likely just the start…).

Like many advanced countries, Canada’s population is older. Thus, more vulnerable (age or comorbid health conditions). The coronavirus may/will put a huge pressure on our health care systems, like what we have seen elsewhere. Thus, although tough on people, our province took a very smart decision by locking down nursing homes. It has also increased screening for staff at hospitals (hopefully it was earlier than at the UHN’s Toronto General Hospital…). Our town is also taking the needed measures. Our Mayor reassured citizens early on: Sackville will ensure that the basics are there: running water, etc. They may have to play a larger role in the future. Who knows? Things are changing on a daily basis.

This being said about our town and province, as a citizen of Canada and of the world, Bambi has all the rights to be angry at the UN-WHO for its delayed declaration, even if it may have perhaps been because of China’s own delay or political influence in this organization?

Bambi wrote the above and she appreciates when China’s leaders behave in a human way. Recently, they send a small donation of medical supplies to Lebanon. Thank you. Same to France, in the middle of its own tragedy.

As citizens of Canada, we have all the rights, of the world, to keep a critical eye on the decisions or absence of decisions by our governments. More than ever now, we need to demand information and transparency.

In Bambi’s mind, the WHO’s delay has likely prevented many countries from preparing as fast as possible before the tsunami of COVID-19 started spreading everywhere; yes, due to travels across any border and by any human being… and then the virus enters countries and starts to be transmitted locally. This is how the Spanish Influenza pandemic spread (with soldiers’ travels, and it hit younger people then).

Would we have been able to stop this new virus? Likely not. However, perhaps we would have been able to act faster (prepare hospitals, hotel rooms as they are working on in Lebanon now, secure medical equipment, including clothes and masks to nurses/physicians, respiratory machines to patients, negative pressure rooms, etc.). We could have had more time to psychologically better prepare the population.  

If Bambi is angry at the WHO now, imagine how frustrated she is at our own federal government for the initial and continuous delays, misjudgements, and inefficacies.  

Canada was SO LATE, even after the declaration of the WHO and seeing BC, Québec, and ON dealing with the crisis first.

Bambi saw this coming and cancelled trips in April and did not purchase tickets for later travels. How come our leaders did not see this and did not ask people to be mindful about travels for March breaks and after even?

Of course, it is easy to say “shoulda coulda woulda” after the facts. However, common sense/leadership must be present before/during/after Bombardier sagas, railway crises, and pandemics…

Perhaps Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Freeland did not understand yet that what is ahead is the biggest fight of their (with OUR) lives?

No time for ideology now. No time for political correctness. This is a pandemic and it requires a war mindset against this virus. They cannot ask Canadians coming from abroad to self-isolate (with a walk to breathe far from people and not into grocery shops, etc.). Many but NOT all Canadians will act accordingly. Bambi has posted comments about cultural differences of travellers:

Why is Trudeau, the king or the prince (as his dad is the king) of “multiculturalism”, so naive about cultural differences among Canadian citizens?

Is he afraid of being accused of being racist? The seriousness of the coronavirus will force him into going into uncharted waters.

Will he know how to swim these waters and lead our sinking boat?

Time will tell…

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