Urgent words of wisdom: “I reiterated to Justin Trudeau that the top priority is medical equipment, especially equipment for testing”

These words came out of the mouth of Mr. François Legault whose team has been doing an outstanding job from day 1 to try to contain the pandemic in Québec.

Bambi will say the exact same about his other provincial counterpart’s, including us here in NB and our neighbouring provinces.

For instance, PEI is testing at the entrance of the Confederation bridge and NS did not hesitate to send its public health staff to its airport (a federal jurisdiction) to do the job of the feds. Now, this province has erected a checkpoint to control the entry to its border with NB and the rest of Canada (with exceptions, including healthcare workers, police officers, and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy):


In our province, everyone is working in collaboration: Current government (with the opposition in the same COVID-19 committee) and First nations. Furthermore, Bambi checked our Liberal MP’s twitter, Mr. Dominic Leblanc, and it is full of helpful tweets from both federal and provincial sources. Thanks to everyone!


To come back to Québec, the situation is worrisome like in Ontario and BC, along with other provinces like Alberta. “We have to have enough equipment for the forthcoming weeks to be able to test more, “said Mr. Legault on Tuesday:


Is Mr. Trudeau listening?

According to Bambi’s personal opinion, this issue is much more pressing then funding research to find a vaccine, test devices, and/or especially to fund express research, evaluating discrimination/racism in the middle of a pandemic: One of the funded studies by a researcher from York University (about $500K) is examining “discrimination and Sinophobia (anti-Chinese sentiment) due to COVID-19 disease (formally 2019-nCoV)”.


Is the above the priority in a deadly pandemic in its early stages? This is important work but, it would be perhaps more logical to have it conducted at the end of an imminently potential tragedy, may God forbid (if we look at what happened elsewhere, including our neighbours in the South). We will need every penny to fight this virus!

Italy’s North is known as having one of the best medical systems in the world and yet it dived into hell! Are our Canada’s healthcare systems, and is Canada’s federal government, able to handle a pandemic?

Only continuous collective efforts and… time will tell.

So far, according to Bambi’s own observations and thoughts, our provinces keep on doing better than our federal government, despite its improvement.

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