Why is the CBC always interviewing the same Dr. Stephen Hoffman, a lawyer (i.e., with the P-E. Trudeau Foundation), definitely not an epidemiologist?

Dr. Stephen Hoffman is a Professor of Law at York University with links to the Trudeau Foundation:



It is of course likely that eventually (and maybe soon?) a transmission in the community would take place. However, usually public health experts are EXTREMELY careful before declaring with certainty that there are cases now transmitted in the community, that is without link to travels or to close contacts of travellers.

Why is Dr. Hoffman stating this before the official website of the province of Ontario, unless it is not updated yet and Bambi missed that information from other media?



Even Lebanon is VERY careful, not declaring such serious information that fast and they have 124 cases now (4 deaths and 4 remissions):

Of note, according to the President of the American University of Beirut’s (AUB), based on data from the AUB Global Health Institute, it looks like Lebanon (at least for the time being, as things could change in the future of course) is containing the transmission of the virus, thanks to its drastic measures of social isolation, of its very good measures of early screening at the airport (even with an initial delay), AND NOW of its two-week total lockdown for 2-3 days. Bravo Lebanon!

Taken from: https://ghi.aub.edu.lb/COVID-19/days/index.html .

If this tiny bankrupt country can do it, Canada can and should too.

Bambi may be wrong but she has the impression that this CBC article seems to be, once again, more political than scientific, like the earlier one she commented on:

The underlying tone of the current CBC article is: Oh well, it is already all over the place, so it is not due to carelessness in airports or at borders.

The danger of this article is making people think that the battle is already lost!

Who knows? Perhaps in a few hours those suspected cases of community transmission would be confirmed… Regardless, Bambi prefers to wait to hear from this province’s Public Health authorities directly.

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