After Italians, now it is the turn of quarantined Lebanese neighbours to sing/dance together

The first video is about a young woman who has recently returned from France. Her parents surprised her with a birthday cake and all their neighbours singing for her, as per this Irish newspaper’s story:

The second video shows neighbours dancing to a joyful song that makes Bambi think of the “Lebanese diaspora in Sackville” (i.e., Moussa & Latifeh) with their legendary birthdays’ or Easter parties. Bambi looks forward to our next get-together with real hugs/kisses (not just elbow shakes or foot shakes):

The COVID-19 pandemic is making Bambi think of all the “Roof Beach” activities she used to do with her friends or cousins on the top roof of her building. Many other friends did that too (not just them!). They used to literally push the broken pieces of artillery shelling with their hands to put their towels and sunbath… Of course, if any sudden shelling would start, they would run the stairs in their bathing suits so fast, like real deer! Yes, these were the crazy yet fun times of growing up during civil war times :). Poor parents who had to put up with their teenage kids during those times.

This being said, Bambi hopes people will keep finding ways to entertain themselves whilst protecting their loved ones (especially the most vulnerable) as well as themselves.

Revolutions or not, pandemics or not, Lebanese people love to have fun… Bravo as this helps in times of economic adversity or just boredom.

2 thoughts on “After Italians, now it is the turn of quarantined Lebanese neighbours to sing/dance together”

  1. I am deeply touched by these acts of loving kindness through dance and celebration. What differentiates humans from other species is our capacity to remember the good times, and dream of a better future. I applaud the Lebanese people for their unwavering courage and determination to live happy lives despite all challenges surrounding them. May we all see the grace in doing the same.

    1. Bambi is moved to read your beautiful words, Dr. Mirella De Civita, especially coming from you as a clinician. “Molto Grazie”/Many thanks.

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