Is Bambi the Prime Minister of Canada? Yes, according to Mr. Joseph Facal

In today’s article (Journal de Montréal, March 14, 2020) , Mr. Joseph Facal wrote an article entitled “the deer” [“le chevreuil”]:

If you do not believe that Canada’s PM is Bambi, read until the last sentence ?.

But before translating the article in question, Bambi would like to take the opportunity to salute her “dear family elder deer”. Yes, her aunt Salwa turned 93 today, March 14! “Obrigada Amto Salwa” for whom you are. Bambi and our whole family in Lebanon (+ Brazil :)) love you. Today, you are not uniting everyone at your place because of COVID-19. Hopefully sooner than you think, this pandemic saga will be behind. Please keep on being safe.

Now, here is the translated article of Mr. Facal:

It is in the crisis that we recognize a real leader, they say.

In the case of Justin Trudeau, no need for a crisis, we already knew.

He’s not a chef, he’s an actor who plays the role of a chef.


In Canada, there is not a single health system, but ten provincial systems.

François Legault therefore assumes his responsibilities.

He asks Québeckers to avoid all non-essential trips abroad, and imposes concrete and severe measures here.

If health systems are essentially provincial, what can Ottawa do to help?

Better control our borders, of course, to curb the entry of infected people.

But no, while Legault and his people are struggling, Ottawa lets foreigners enter freely and wander as they please.

Flights to China are suspended, but Chinese planes can land here.

Explain to me someone…

Until yesterday noon, the travelers returning to the country said they were shocked by the lack of controls on their arrival.

The day before, the Minister of Public Security, Bill Blair, had however declared: “We have implemented reinforced screening measures”.

The only notable change was that isolation orders were given only to travelers arriving from Italy, Iran and Hubei, a Chinese province.

After François Legault felt compelled to raise his voice yesterday against his federal counterpart, what was Justin Trudeau’s response in his press briefing immediately after?

We are working on it, we will see.

He spoke of a tightening of reception measures and a concentration of arrivals at certain airports.

What measures? Which airports?

We are working on it, we will see.

Total blur, except for the cancellation of cruises.

Based on what criteria will you act? asked a journalist.

We will trust the experts, was the answer.

However, he started by telling us about the health of his wife and his.

He also said that he had chatted a lot on the phone with leaders from other countries. It is reassuring, isn’ it?

In fact, the contrast with the press conference of Mr. Legault and his team was striking.

On the one hand, we act, we give maximum details, we announce important and clear decisions, we show empathy.

On the other hand, we are served a string of vaporous phrases, a true trademark of the Trudeau government, and we start by talking about ourselves.

I remind you that the WHO estimates that 30 to 70% of the world’s population will be infected.


I am in bad faith, some would say.

Before yesterday’s empty words, Justin had acted: he had created a coordinating committee, of which Melanie Joly is a member.

Powerful, isn’t it?

Legault learned the lesson of Lucien Bouchard during the ice storm of 1998, infinitely less serious: to reassure by being transparent, precise, present, close to his people.

Justin Trudeau, him, makes us think of a deer paralyzed by the truck which arrives.

Canada is governed by Bambi”.

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