Mr. Yannick Lemay’s cartoon on coronavirus

This cartoon was published in the Journal de Montréal & Journal de Québec (March 12, 2020). It is written: Trump prohibits flights from Europe. We see Ms. Greta Thunberg congratulating Mr. Trump (stocking up “Trump toilet papers”) by saying: “This ban is excellent for the environment”

Bambi appreciates the sense of humour (and artistic talent) of Mr. Lemay.

This being said, despite the seriousness of the situation, being able to find reasons to entertain ourselves, to remain positive, and to smile are healthy mechanisms of coping with a crisis or life adversity.

Even if we worry about our loved ones in times of pandemics, it helps to have a sense of perspective on matters and to keep smiling. May everyone be safe. May our world leaders and decision-makers know how to be as wise as possible. May each one of us know how to be as responsible as possible.

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