Bravo Mr. Amine Maalouf, Lebanese-French author, for being awarded the prestigious “National Order of Merit”!

Mr. Amine Maalouf

Congratulations to Mr. Amine Maalouf, Lebanese-French author, for having been awarded the “National Order of Merit” by Mr. Macron, President of the French Republic!

Eight years ago, Mr. Amine Maalouf was inducted into the elite “Académie Française” (or French Academy) as one of 40 still living members to represent the French language.

Three days ago, Mr. Maalouf received this most prestigious distinction, which recognizes an individual who represents the civic “spirit” of France, a bit like our own “Order of Canada”, but with an important emphasis on the French culture.

Mr. Maalouf was born in Lebanon (like Bambi ?) in 1949:

An inspiring talent: What a brain and what a pen!

Below you can watch an interview conducted with him by a journalist from Euronews (translated into English).

Thank you Mr. Maalouf! Merci du fond du coeur (Shukran شكرا)!

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