Mr. Richard Martineau: “Shaking hands with the devil” [“Serrer la main du diable”]

Global News: Mr. Justin Trudeau and Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Affairs Minister

It is unclear why Mr. Trudeau went out of his way in the behaviour described above at the Munich Security meeting.

Ironically, he began by behaving well domestically when it became clear that the airplane was downed. Mr. Trudeau did what he does well. He comforted those families with good words. He even did regular press releases. He was articulate and genuine. He visited the families and even cried with them.

But what happened now abroad with our PM? He surprised Bambi. He may have perhaps even surprised Mr. Champagne who seemed professional, as usual.

Is it because, as he said, he has promised the families of the victims to have answers?

Is it because he was too focused on that UN seat or taken by his global views of the world that he completely forgot about Canada, for 20 seconds?

Or maybe he was too jet-lagged and did not behave wisely?

Or perhaps he had a conscious moment of passive-aggressiveness toward Mr. Trump or the United States? Could it be?

Or he so much wanted to prove to himself and to that Iranian politician that he is Canadian, not American (so he is softer or kinder?).

Unless he has a secret admiration for totalitarian regimes? Could it be?

Anyhow, below is a translation of Mr. Martineau’s article on the topic (Journal de Montréal, February 18, 2020):

“The video, shot at the Munich security meeting last Friday, is about 20 seconds long.

Justin Trudeau is seen warmly shaking the hand of Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

When I say “warmly”, it’s “warmly”.

A broad smile like that in the face, holding the minister’s hand between his two hands, and tilting his head as a sign of respect.

As if he had met the Dalai Lama.


However, Mohammad Javad Zarif is not a spiritual leader.

He is a senior minister in a country who deliberately and coldly shot down a commercial aircraft that transported 176 innocent people, including 57 Canadians.

The video only lasts about 20 seconds, but it makes your back cold.

Besides, who made it public?

The Iranian government itself.

Not surprising…

Can you imagine the gift that Justin Trudeau gave them?

President Hassan Rohani probably still cannot believe it.

We imagine him rubbing his hands: “Look, even the Prime Minister of a country who lost 57 people in this incident does not hold it against us! He is happy to shake hands with our Minister of Foreign Affairs! “

As for the families of the Canadian victims, they are absolutely furious.


We understand them.

The Canadian Prime Minister who bows his head in respect to a senior minister of a government who killed 57 of his compatriots!!!


“I made a promise to these families that they would get their questions answered,” said Justin Trudeau to justify his behaviour.

In other words: this is the price of diplomacy, you have to be courteous to move a file forward, you don’t gain anything by clashing with heads of state.

We understand, we are not idiots.

Diplomacy rhymes with hypocrisy, everyone knows that.

But there is a difference between shaking the hand of a politician in a “diplomatic” way, while remaining a bit reserved (because it is the tradition and one does not want to poison the relationship between the two countries)… and posing in an exaggerated reverence!

Taking the guy’s two hands in his, multiplying the smiles, tilting his head to show his esteem…

How about a friendly pat on the back, whilst you are at it?

‘A little gin and tonic, my Mohammad?’


I am sure that even those who voted for Justin Trudeau have questions now.

Could it be that he is not up to the task and does not have the required skills to be a PM?

My answer: “Duh! “

Look at the speed of his response in the following files: the railway blockade and the Canadian prisoners of the “Diamond Princess”!

Justin Trudeau is all on the surface, and the surface is cracking everywhere.

The election of Justin Trudeau as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada was nothing more than a vast public relations operation intended to make the choices of Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff at the head of the party forgotten.

A bit like the Planters company that got rid of Mr. Peanut.”

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