Mr. Marc Beaudet’s cartoon of Trudeau/railway crisis, Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould’s insights on the Wet’suwet’en conflict, and Ms. Elizabeth May’s Happy Canada Day message

“Management of the rail blockade by Justin: “We are on the right track…”

The cartoon above appeared in the Journal de Montréal on February 17, 2020:

Ironically, the latest slogan of Trudeau’s federal campaign in the Fall of 2019 was “Choose Forward” (OR “Choisir d’avancer”).

Canadians voted for the Liberals again (a minority government this time). Perhaps they were hoping to see their country moving forward, that is in a direct horizontal line. As things are now, the train hasn’t left the station for over a week.

More seriously, here are thoughtful insights for a deep long-term solution, of course after addressing this crying crisis we are in: Interview with the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould (Global News, February 16, 2020):

Sadly, our First Nations people remind Bambi of Lebanon, which finds itself always at the mercy of the manipulation by external forces. Some instrumentalize it. Some speak in its name. We also have people who are surely well-meaning but too illuminated to remain lucid (by either this cause or by the climate change cause or whatever other cause in the future).

Last Canada Day, our town did not celebrate July 1st and we did not see any of our beautiful flags on our streets. This did not prevent Bambi from celebrating elsewhere (nearby towns) or googling as she does every year Oh Canada in both languages and searching for the most beautiful performance, according to her non-expert ears, just for fun. She even once accepted a challenge by her spouse and invented an Arabic version of our beautiful anthem ?.

Anyhow, this is how she searched for messages of politicians (when she was able to find them, in preference to silence or lectures about morality). Anyhow, she came across the Honourable Elizabeth May’s message (Green Party), a joyful one… up until its end. Indeed, in her recorded message, she invited Canadians to have fun, to wear red, to celebrate Canada (nice up until now) and ended it with something like “let’s remember to thank our First Nations for ‘hosting’ us on their land”. With that sentence, she lost Bambi. The word “hosting” was a bit too odd for her ears, especially on this day of pride and celebration.

Even Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould does not use such words? Indeed, she talked in the video above about the importance of a newer model for self-governance for First Nations People (reform of the current Indian Act that is the legacy of colonialism) within a “strong Canada”, with a more modern federalism, to use her own words.

Why does Ms. May (whom Bambi likes a lot), and along her SO many of the 37 million Canadians, need to outbid this form of collective guilt and/or political correctness to the point of dismissing themselves, their country, their heritage, their culture, and… their pride as Canadians?

Couldn’t we achieve reconciliation with our First Nations People without having to resort to self-flagellation or to kill our economy, and punish our railways?

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