Canada is a large Oka right now: Will Canadians start complaining when they will lack food and vital products?

The tittle of this CTV article below (with a video) is “Canada doesn’t tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockades”.

Bambi does not know if she should laugh to this statement by our PM or cry. Since when Canada does not tell the RCMP what to do? Are we in a police state or in a democracy?

Canada as a federation appears like a joke now ☹. Ottawa’s responsibility is clear: 1. First Nations and 2. Railway stations to ensure inter-provincial trade.

Our Prime Minister is clearly too weak (and this has nothing to do with a current minority government). He is too weak in his own mind and leadership (with all due respect). Who knows? He may be also be a bit hypocritical, or… too illuminated by his own idealistic ideology. Perhaps all the above at once?

By his statement above, he is putting Canada’s police and the provinces in a very bad situation.

Why and how will you be negotiating Mr. Trudeau? Hopefully by not trying to solve this crisis by bribing those protestors to shut them up. That would be caving in to “economic terrorism”.

Bambi does not care by whom. This time it is by those so-called “Hereditary Chiefs of the Wetʼsuwetʼen” and a bunch of fanatic activists ( Tomorrow it will be by another group, God forbid. Imagine if Islamists decide to do this? Or Sikhs? Or francophones? Or radical feminists? Or any Jewish group of some sort? Or a Palestinian group? How about a far-right group of some sort?

Will you allow this Mr. Trudeau?

From Bambi’s past experiences in other countries with groups that have been marginalized AND from her experiences as a foster parent/educator or any citizen with a minimum of common sense: Your so-called strategy of negotiation at this point will not work, Mr. Trudeau. Actually, it may be even already too late to solve this crisis that would have been simpler in its early moments: You just remove them from railways (arrest some if you have too, as well written by Mr. Mario Dumont:

By not acting properly and timely, those protesters (perhaps just 0.09% of the whole population) have now learned that tantrums and illegal acts paralyze nations. They will learn that radicalism and taking countries and populations hostage work.

Is this a good lesson to teach, Mr. Trudeau?

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